Everything That We Know About Elite Season 6

Season 5 of Elite is officially available and things have heated up for all the characters of the show. With the success of Elite Season 5, the fans are now wondering whether there will be a Season 6 of the series or not. If you are a fan of Elite, you will be happy to know that the show has been officially renewed back in October 2021. Therefore, it is officially confirmed that Elite Season 6 is happening. If everything goes according to plan, one can expect to have Season 6 of the show back on the screen somewhere in 2023. 

The filming of the show began back in February 2022 and therefore, one can expect to see Elite Season 6 very soon. 

Elite Cast for Season 6:

Before the production work of Elite Season 6 began the Instagram account “Elite” officially confirmed that five new faces will be joining the Elite Cast. The five new members who will be joining the casts of the Elite Season 6 of Elite are Alvaro de Juana, Carmen Arrufat, Alex Pastrana, Ander Puig and Alex Pastrana. The characters that these actors will be playing are still kept under the wrap. We are expecting more information about Elite cast as the filming of the series continues. 

Elite Season 6: Casts 
Elite Season 6: Casts

Soon after the release, Elite became a popular soapy teen drama. It was so popular that it became the longest-running foreign language original on Netflix. After the debut of the series, the cast members have changed a lot. The only original cast members who remained in Season 5 of the series were Samuel and Omar. The show deals with themes like race, sexuality and privilege with a touch of crime mystery. The ingredients were enough to attract the viewers to the show again and again. 

Even though new faces will be joining the upcoming season, it is believed that Elite will continue to foster the main themes of the series. Each season of Elite is expected to have a murder and this holds true even for Season 6. Therefore, it is confirmed that there will be at least one murder in the sixth season of the show. With an IMDb rationing of 7.5, the popularity of the series can be well guessed. The show has earned five nominations and one win. Dario Madrona and Carlos Montero are the creators of the show and the show belongs to the crime, drama and thriller genres. 

The end of Season 5 of the show was quite shocking for many fans and therefore, the anticipation for Season 6 is high. According to reports, the first trans actor of the show will be joining Elite Season 6. The elite season is aired on an annual basis. Season 5 of Elite has already aired this year and therefore, one can expect to have Season 6 of the series next year. 

The plot of the sixth season is still not known but it is believed that the series will begin the story after Benjamin went to jail. It is speculated that the central stage of the show in the Season 6 will be taken by Phillipe, Ivan, Isadora, Ari, Patrick and Mencia. Also, season 6 might reveal whether Patrick and Ivan successfully manage to date or not. No matter what the plot of Elite Season 6 is, one can expect to see a murder and heavy turns and twists in the show. 

If you haven’t watched Season 5 of Elite, it is time to start binge-watching the show. Once more information about the show is officially available, we will update the same on this space for sure. Till then, enjoy the previous series on Netflix. 

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