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Here’s everything you need to know in Moon Knight Episode 3!

The Disney+ special series, Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac debuted only a few days ago and it has garnered a lot of positive reviews from both fans and critics. The show’s ratings are also going quite strong. But when will the second episode of the first season be released? And most importantly what will it focus on? The answers to these questions lie down below in the article! 

Moon Knight Episode 3 Release Date

Moon Knight Episode 3 Release Date
Moon Knight Episode 3 Release Date

The present season of Moon Knight has 6 episodes in total! The third one will air on 13th April 2022. This means that after the release of the third episode we’ll be half way into the series which is a big thing because the show has been a game changer for the Marvel shows. Its ratings have been quite strong so does this mean we’ll be getting a second season as well? The idea is quite far-fetched but we don’t see any harm in renewing the second season especially given the hype of the first season. But that is a topic for another day!

What to expect from Moon Knight Episode 3?

The second episode was full of drama and action. Steven had to suffer a lot because he got fired from the museum as according to the staff he was ‘lying’ about the fight. Well the footage only showed Steve Grant running around the museum so it looks like both sides are not wrong. 

What to expect from Moon Knight Episode 3?
What to expect from Moon Knight Episode 3?

We also get to know more about Marc and how he is related to Khonshu. Both Steven and Marc then fight with Arthur Harrow again. Well the second episode ended on a major cliffhanger so we already know what the third episode of Moon Knight will focus on. In the final scenes the failed attempts of winning Steven over, left Marc with no choice. Hence he decides to fight against the evil plans. But then we see how Khonshu sends him to Egypt. Well we’ll definitely get to see Marc again in the third episode as well. 

We don’t have a preview or any sort of footage from the third episode hence it’s unclear how the story will proceed. So, all that we can do for now is wait till 13th April or rely on fan theories. However, below we have mentioned a few possible plot lines. Feel free to give them a read!

Egypt is now in the picture and Marc has also taken over Steven’s body to continue with Khonshu’s mission. Which means most likely the third episode will focus on how Marc finally fulfills the plans of the deity. Marc is one of the identities of Steven and hopefully the third episode will give us a well deserved character arc of him. Fans are quite excited for the upcoming episode and now we know why!

But Steven won’t let himself get controlled so easily. Of course he will also fight back which will make for an interesting episode. For now this is all that we can say regarding the third episode of Moon Knight. In case you still haven’t streamed the first two episodes of Moon Knight they are now available for streaming on Disney+! For more updates stay tuned. 

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