Captive Audience Trailer Released Revealing A Real Life American Horror Story

Captive audience is an upcoming docuseries that will be comprising of 3 parts. In the streaming era, true crime has become popular in expanding on media that provide stories stunning and stranger than fiction tales.

The story tells us how they tell an incident and how the media magnifies all the characters caught in the narrative. Hulu has been pulling out all the nonstop stories of crime in 2022 and now in Captive Audience, they confirm that the audience will remain at the edge of their seats. Anthony Russo and Joe are producing it and Jessica Dimmock is directing it. It follows the story of the Stayner family who went through a traumatic experience. The story is about a boy who lost his father in a tragic accident.


The story begins in 1972 when a boy Steven Stayner who was seven years old, living in California, went to school but never came back. His mother tried her best to keep the media engaged in that story and to keep her family together. After seven years, a miracle happens, and Steven comes back home. The media followed his story. The family was prominent in the media and they were hailing Steven as a hero. The public were awestruck by s incredible story.

Now fourteen years old Steven was struggling to get back in his life and under the media, it was really tough for him. His older brother Cary has mixed emotions. He was happy to have his brother back but jealous of how the media is treating him like a hero. Tensions in Steven’s life heightens more when his kidnapper was put on the trail. Revealing the dark and painful secrets because of which Steven was devastated. This time, his family was pulled into another horrific tragedy because Cary, his brother, became the serial killer. Soon they’ll all be famous again, but for a very different reason

Featuring interviews with Stevens’s family, including his daughter, this movie forces the audience to comment on it in different ways. And highlights on how media can drive a family crazy.

Captive Audience Release Date


The Captive Audience: A real American Horror story’ is releasing on Thursday 21st April at Hulu. It will be releasing on Disney+ on the same day. The series is attracting the audience a lot because it is based on a true story. Fans are incredibly excited to see it.

Captive Audience Trailer and episodes

The trailer of season one is out and attracts the audience by following the tale of two brothers for over 50 years to reveal the truth. The story also highlighted how media magnifies everything. We can predict that season one will have three episodes by collecting all the information. 

As we have said before, the series is going to be a three-episode series. 

Check Official Trailer:

Captive Audience Cast Who’s Going to Be There

Captive Audience Cast Who's Going to Be There
Captive Audience Cast Who’s Going to Be There

We are waiting to see the excellent performance of our favorite cast. We’ll be able to see Jessica Dimmock, Ashley Stayner (Steven’s Daughter), Todd Andrew (actor Cary), Ted Rowlands (court Tv reporter), Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Todd Makurath, Mike Larocca, Andrew Jacobs, Nick Gilhool, Peter Rieveschl, Jennifer Casey, Alexandra Meistrell.

Captive Audience Plot What Will it be About?

Captive Audience Plot What Will it be About?
Captive Audience Plot What Will it be About?

The story is based on a true incident that describes the role of the media in magnifying the character. Story of a kid kidnapped in California. There are many sad parts of the press when they declare the kid dead and later came to cover for their ratings. They are going to say a lot of things through this series that were left unsaid at that time. The series will become a voice for the audience responsible for active crime in past years and doing nothing about it. The moral this story is covering will influence many people as this is a growing issue in this era and needs to be highlighted. Fans are eagerly waiting for it to release.

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