Foundation season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and News

One Season that the audience is looking forward to is Foundation season 2. After the success of its first season, the team of Foundation announced its second season in October 2021.

Until now the team has just announced the renewal of the season and in February 2022, an announcement about the new cast was made and the first-look image was released.

As of now, we know that the show’s production is under works. One of the members of the cast of Foundation 2 revealed that the principal photography of the show was taking place in the Canary Islands. Thus, production is in full swing and we are hoping to see the new Foundation season as soon as possible!

The first season of Foundation ended on a cliffhanger. Hence, the fans are more curious than ever about the second season of the show. In this piece, we have provided you with all the information regarding Foundation season 2 including the release date, plot and trailer.

Foundation season 2 release date

Unfortunately, a set release date for Foundation season 2 has not been announced yet. For now, we just know that the new season is being filmed and the team is working hard to complete it based on the press release conducted by Apple TV Plus.

Showrunner David S. Goyer already told us in 2021 that filming would begin in 2022. However, he did not release any other details about the plot and story.

Leah Harvey, the actor playing Salvor Hardin also took to Instagram and revealed some exciting news! The principal photography of the upcoming season is taking place in Canary Islands Fuerteventura. Leah Harvey posted a picture of herself doing a splitting stunt mid air in her Instagram post and captioned it,

“Still got it! #Fuerteventura #FoundationAppleTV”

Keeping all of this in mind, we can hope to see Foundation season 2 on our screens in the first half of 2023. However, we will have to wait for an announcement from the team about the season 2 release date.

Foundation season 2 cast members

In Foundation season 2 cast, we will be seeing the old actors reprise their roles and some new faces as well. This means we will be seeing the following returning cast members;

Foundation season 2 cast members
Foundation season 2 cast members

Jared Harris as Dr. Hari Seldon from the list of Isaac Asimov’s indelible characters. He is a mathematical professor who teaches at Streeling University.

Lee Pace as Brother Day who is the current ruling Cleon.

Terrence Mann as Brother Dusk. He is eldest member of the Genetic Dynasty of the Galactic Empire. 

Cassion Bilto as Brother Dawn. He is the youngest living member of the Genetic Dynasty of the Galactic Empire. 

Leah Harvey as Salvor Hardin possessing powerful psychic abilities! She is a powerful character who can connect with the Vault.

Lou Llobell plays the role of Gaal who returns back to her home planet Synnax.

Holt McCallany will reclaim his role as Warden Jaegger Fount who is the current Warden of Terminus. He guards them from external threats.

Rachel House will play Tellem Bond who is the Mentallics’ mysterious leader.

Nimrat Kaur will play Yanna Seldon whose details are unknown at the moment.

Ella Rae Smith will also return to play Queen Sareth of Cloud Dominion. In this role, Ella Rae Smith completes the secret quest and manages to get into the Imperial Palace successfully!

Foundation season 2 New Cast Members

Apart from the old cast, we will also be seeing some new characters in the season. Two of the new characters who will be joining the cast of Foundation 2 include Isabelle Laughland and Sandra Yi Sencindiver. Isabella Laughland will join the cast as Brother Constant,

“a cheerfully confident claric whose job is to evangelize the Church of the galactic spirit across the Outer Reach”.

Brother Constant is a true believer

“whose courage and passion make her hard not to love”.

Additionally, Sandra Yi Sencindiver will play the role of Enjoiner Rue. She works for Queen Sareth as her politically savvy consigliere. She is the royal counsellor.

Foundation season 2 New Cast Members
Foundation season 2 New Cast Members

We will have to wait for the team to announce more new cast members to know about the complete cast of the Apple TV original show Foundation season 2.

Some past characters will not be returning including Ben Daniels, the actor who plays General Bel Riose. We will greatly miss this amazing character who Ben Daniels pot.

Foundation season 2 plot

The team of Foundation has not given an official synopsis for the new season. However, we make assumptions about its plot based on where the first season ended.

Season 1 ended on a major cliffhanger and we are hoping that season 2 will answer all our questions. In the previous season’s finale, we see the galactic empire beginning its journey to its end. The foundation managed to survive the Seldon crisis while making some friends with the outer reach. We also learned some shocking news about Terrence Mann playing Brother Dusk Cassian Bilton playing Brother Dawn and Lee Pace playing Brother Day. The three are not Cleon l’s identical clones. They are all genetically different from each other!

How the genetic dynasty copes with the death of Brother Dawn?

Now, the biggest question is how the genetic dynasty copes with the death of Brother Dawn in this apple TV original show. The galactic empire no longer has any pure genetic material to continue the dynasty. According to sources, we will be seeing how different the clones are. The season will consist of some chaos – as that is how the first season ended. Creator David S Goyer commented on this chaos saying,

“Part of the fun of the show moving forward [is] we’ll be seeing how different the various Cleons are. It’s part of the jazz that we’re playing with Terrence, Cassian and Lee because, even though they’re the same actors, some of the characters are going to be very different. One of the things that’s exciting about this monkey wrench, that’s thrown into the Genetic Empire, is what does that do when you introduce chaos into that system?”

In the Apple TV original Foundation season 2, we will also see the relationship between Salvor Hardin and her mother Gaali grow. The two were reunited after a hundred years. Hence, we can see an interesting story ahead.

Foundation is based on novels by Isaac Asimov. Therefore, many might think the writers will take help from the novels to build the story for Foundation season 2. However, the story of the Apple TV adaptation of Foundation season 1 was completely different from the novels. Therefore, we can expect the same for the second season of the show.

Foundation season 2 trailer

Unfortunately, there is no official Trailer for Foundation season 2 yet. This is probably because the season is still being filmed. Therefore, we will have to wait for sometime for its trailer.

Besides this, a picture regarding Foundation Season 2 has also been revealed. It shows the character of Lee Pace called Cleon pointing a finger at Hari Seldon, played by Jared Harris.

Where can I watch the second season?

Foundation is an official Apple TV Plus show. Therefore, we can watch Foundation season 2 on Apple TV Plus only.

Let’s hope Foundation season 2 gets released soon and it is as good as the first season of the show.

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