Nimona Will Release on Netflix in 2023

Thanks to Netflix, Nimona will finally be available for viewers in 2023. The animated adaptation of “Nimona”, a graphic novel written by ND Stevenson has been in the works since 2015. 

Faced by many uncertainties, all hopes for Nimona’s release were dangling by a thread. The announcement of Nimona’s release has been wonderful news for the disheartened fans.

Moreover Annapurna Pictures and Netflix have collaborated for the release of the most anticipated animated film. ND Stevenson talks about her compelling story which has emerged amongst all odds. She is super excited about Nimona’s revival and calls the film a fighter. If you want more such updates about Nimona, keep on reading.

When is Nimona expected to be released? 

Nimona is expected to release in 2023 on Netflix.

When is Nimona expected to be released? 
When is Nimona expected to be released?

Nimona’s release was left with a big question mark until Netflix gave the animated movie  a home. Thankfully, the eager fans can now take a much needed breath and calm their worries about Nimona’s uncertain comeback. The animated fantasy film is back like a dream come true.

Why was Nimona’s release delayed?

Blue Sky Studios, famous for Ice Age and other legendary films, was all set to produce Nimona. However, a change in fate proved to be disastrous for Nimona’s future. After Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019, the prospect of Nimona’s imminent release became hopeless. In 2021, Disney shut down Blue Sky Studios and Nimona’s production was cancelled. For queer fans, the cancellation was a huge disappointment. However, a year later in 2022, a tweet by ND Stevenson confirmed Nimona’s release.

Controversy surrounding Disney

Disney’s overt reluctance in showing queer friendly content has struck a cord with the viewers. Disney has previously faced harsh criticism for its attempts to censor same-sex scenes. 

Allegedly funding the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Disney seems to be uncomfortable with accepting LGBTQ+ friendly content. Former staffers at Blue Sky Studios revealed Disney leadership had an issue with a kiss between same sex characters in Nimona. Disney’s attempts to brush Nimona under the table speak for itself.

Mainstream media such as Disney often pretends to be very progressive until the time they have to prove it through their actions. Given the scarce representation of queer identities in animated movies, mainstream media should welcome LGBTQ+ friendly content. However, the likelihood of a change in Disney’s stance seems dim.

The cast of Nimona

The cast of Nimona
The cast of Nimona

Nimona has an exemplary cast which makes it all the more irresistible.Chloe Grace Moretz will be the voice behind the main character, Nimona. We all love the try guys and their YouTube videos. The Try Guys have experimented with everything and are a treat to watch. However, having one of the Try Guys as the voice cast is a game changer. Eugene Lee Yang will play the character of Amrosius Goldenloin. The famous oscar winner who has everyone’s heart, Riz Ahmed, will be joining the voice cast as Ballister Boldheart.

What to expect from Nimona’s storyline? 

Netflix’s synopsis gives some interesting details about the beautiful tale. Ballister Boldheart, the knight, is seen in a predicament as he gets banished by the Institute. He was wrongly incriminated and there is only one person who can help him. The person is Nimona, a teenage shapeshifter, who develops a unique connection with the knight. However, there is much more truth that lies within. 

What to expect from Nimona’s storyline? 
What to expect from Nimona’s storyline?

With twists and turns and a perfect coalescence of magic and technology, Nimona will hopefully deliver beyond everyone’s expectations. The techno-medieval narrative has been previously untouched by the animation industry. And this is why everyone is even more excited about Nimona.

Is the trailer for Nimona available?

Unfortunately, fans have only gotten the first look from ND’s tweet. A trailer has not been released yet. However, when it does release, fans should be ready for an unforgettable watch. For now, viewers can relish in the hopes of seeing Nimona on Netflix soon. Also a trailer might be on the way in the near future.

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