My Happy Marriage Trailer, Filming, Plot and Much More!

So, folks, are you up for an animated Cinderella story? Well, not the typical Cinderella story but rather a more romantic fantasy that follows the life of a girl who got married to an uncared boy in the military. 

My Happy Marriage What is it About?

My happy marriage is not your average love story. Instead, it’s quite an uncanny one. This one will feature Miyo Saimori and Kiyoka. Miyo Saimori is a noble and kind girl who went through a lot of hardships and was mistreated in her home by her stepmother after her mother’s death. But on the other hand, Kiyoki is a cruel and uncaring person who’s in the military and is so unloving that all his fiancé left him within days after being with him.

My Happy Marriage What is it About?
My Happy Marriage What is it About?

For Miyo, life was still better than she was having at home, and she starts to have feelings for Kiyoka. Her hopes were so high when she came to marriage age before discovering how cruel her fiance was. With no home to return to, she considered this her fate that her husband was a monster. However, as they open their heart to each other, both realize it is their chance to find happiness and love in each other.

If you’re looking to add romance to your anime watching list, this series is one of the best. It’s a Japanese light novel series written by Akumi Agitogi that has to be on your list.

My Happy Marriage Trailer

There was no official trailer. However, the adaptation broke out on April 5, 2022. The website shows so many details about the show and cast but no official date for its release. Right now, ‘My happy Marriage’ is going to have season 1 only. However, the original novel was release in 2018, showing there is enough story to have another season. So the series now has three vols with one on the way. However, a trailer by AniTV is available.

Check official trailer:

My Happy Marriage Filming

According to the team’s tweet, we are sure that production is in the process so we are expecting the season in 2022. The season follows an excellent and unique story and fans are waiting for it.

My Happy Marriage Cast

We can predict the cast from a team tweet that mentioned all the cast. Takehiro Kubota is the director, Takahito Onishi, Ami Sato, Momoka Toyota, and Takao Abo. The production company is Studio Kinema Citrus which is a well-known Japanese company. Reina Uda will be playing the role of Miyo Saimori, and Kaito Ishikawa will play Kiyoka Kudo.

My Happy Marriage Plot

Certain families have magical powers with different ranges, and that was the case with the Miyo family. Miyo was getting them as they are passing from generation to generation in her family. Still, she didn’t inherit them because when her mother did, her father married another woman, from whom she has a stepsister, Kaya. Kaya didn’t want Miyo to have those powers, and Miyo became nothing less than the house’s servant with no skill.

My Happy Marriage Plot
My Happy Marriage Plot

Miyo always wanted to escape from her house and live a peaceful life outside. When she became at marriage age, she got an arranged marriage to a man Kyouka Kudou who’s so cruel and unloving. His fiancé left him because of it. But for Miyo, his behavior was still better than the one she was facing from her family at home. She started getting feelings for him, and their relationship gained confidence. The two started finding love and happiness in each other, and their love story began.

It’s the best combination of anime, romance, and a love story which is worth watching. The video gets so many views that, surely, this season will be a superhit, and later they will have a season 2 for it. The story is a magical romance that can melt our hearts and is full of emotions and many tears. It takes us from a story of a loveless journey to finding all the warmest feelings of love.

So, folks, are you also excited to see the love story of Miyo and Kiyoka? Do let us know in the comments below!

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