The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date Expectations on NBC

The Blacklist is a show running strong since 2013. It has completed nine seasons, and the fans are waiting for more information about The Blacklist season 10. With an IMDB rating of 8, the show is extremely popular amongst its fans. If you haven’t watched the series yet, you can start streaming it on Netflix. This crime thriller revolves around Raymond Reddington. A former U.S. Navy officer who fell towards the dark side. He successfully avoided capture for many years. He finally surrenders himself to the FBI. However, asks for immunity in exchange for helping capture multiple criminals on his “Blacklist”. The series belongs to the crime, drama, mystery, and thriller genres. The season first premiered back on October 4, 2013.

The Blacklist Season 10 Cast

The primary casts will be returning for The Blacklist season 10. We are expecting the following casts in the upcoming season:

  • James Spader as Raymond Reddington 
  • Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler 
  • Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper 
  • Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma
The Blacklist Season 10 Cast
The Blacklist Season 10 Cast

According to reports, Amir Arison, who plays the role of Aram Mojtabi, will be quitting the show. He was part of the main cast till season 9 of The Blacklist. However, he won’t be appearing on The Blacklist season 10. It is because he is preparing for the role of Amir in The Kite Runner. Another cast member who is leaving the show is Laura Sohn. In the series, she played the role of FBI agent Alina Park. 

Further, multiple new characters will have guest appearances over the course of season 10. This is because each episode has a new criminal that Raymond helps the FBI capture. The creators have been tightlipped regarding the guest stars. As usual, we will have to wait till season 10 releases to find out who these guest stars are.

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The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date 

We know that season 10 is confirmed. A renewal of the series is happening, and the fans are pretty excited about it. NBC recently announced its fall schedule, unfortunately for Blacklist fans, the show did not make the list. This means that fans would have to wait longer than expected. According to sources, the 10th season could possibly release sometime in January 2023.

The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date 
The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date

Firstly, the release date that we have now discussed is just speculation. Still, you don’t need to worry about it. Once we lay our hands on the official release date of the tenth season, we will update the same in this section.


The official synopsis of the tenth season is yet unavailable. From the finale episode of the ninth season, we can very well speculate the plot of The Blacklist season 10. The season 9 finale was full of multiple twists and turns (in classic Blacklist fashion).

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We see Raymond adamant about exacting his revenge on Marvin Gerard. Red’s threats start to haunt Gerard who then ends up taking his own life. However, before doing so, he provides Wujing with a list of all the Blacklisters that Raymond put behind bars. Once out of jail, Wujing gathers many of these Blacklisters and plans his revenge against Red. 

Keeping this in mind, the majority of season 10’s storyline will revolve around the Blacklisters’ revenge. Reddington has bested many of his enemies in the past, although this will be the first time that they all come towards him simultaneously. Will Red be able to once again survive this or will his enemies finally win? 

According to different sources, Season 10 might be the finale season of the series. This means that the story of Raymond Redington will finally reach its conclusion after almost 10 years. However, due to Blacklist’s trend of unfortunate endings, it is possible that the series may have a bittersweet ending. 

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We will update you with more information about The Blacklist season 10 once the official information starts coming in. If you haven’t watched the previous season, it’s time for you to binge-watch the same on Netflix.


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