Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi Break Up?

Who does not know the Indian actress, model and, of course, the Miss Universe 1994 pageant, Sushmita Sen? Considering the main fact that she is one of the prominent celebrity figures in India and also the first Indian ever to win Miss Universe pageant is saying in itself what value she holds in her country. From her crowning as Femina Miss India 1994 at the age of 18 to subsequently being Miss Universe and finally establishing herself as one of the greatest film actresses. Thus, it does not surprise that a woman of her calibre has a unique taste in men. Whether some like it or not, the news about her relationship with Lalit Modi, an Indian businessman and former cricket administrator, broke the internet in July. Even though the response that they got from the larger public to this announcement was mixed, they appear to be a fitting match – a strong woman with a strong man. However, things went haywire as it was not long before we heard rumours about Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi break up!

I know what the main question is circulating your mind right now; what happened suddenly? Well, you do not need to worry! Since we have all the newfound information, you need to know about the Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi break up news.

Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi Relationship Timeline:

The IPL founder Lalit Modi shocked everyone to their core when he announced his relationship with Sushmita Sen via an Instagram post in July. Even though the news was entirely unexpected for most of their fans, he did not hesitate at the very least to showcase his love for his girlfriend in a romantic post. 

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Seeing that after informing his fans about his return to London from the “whirling global tour” of Maldives and Sardinia, he highlights that:

  • He was not there with his family but also with, as he refers to the actress, his “#better-looking partner @sushmitasen47.”
  • Further adding that it was for him “a new beginning” and “a new life finally.”
  • While expressing his joy, he not only shares that he is “over the moon” but also hints at their prospects of getting married.
  • Although he did say it won’t be happening, for now, he insinuates that it will indeed happen sooner or later. 
  • His words more or less validate this as his said post reads that being:

“in love does not mean marriage YET. BUT ONE THAT BY GOD’S GRACE WILL HAPPEN.”

  • Lastly, in bold letters to clarify to the world that this was an announcement post about their new relationship,


All in all, nothing but love oozes out of this endearing post! But the confusing thing here is that what was the reason behind the change in their relationship dynamics? 

Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi Break Up – Why Did They End Their Relationship?

All of you must have heard the phrase, “where there is fire, there is smoke,” right? Thus, the rumours all began with a slight change in Lalit Modi’s Instagram bio.

Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi Break Up - Why Did They End Their Relationship?
Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi Break Up – Why Did They End Their Relationship?

Back in July, we all witnessed that after announcing the news about his new love:

  • He also happens to change his bio to confirm the said news further. It reads that:

“finally starting a new life with my partner in crime. My love @sushmitasen47.” 

  • Not only that, his profile photo sporting a picture of him and the actress as well

Surprisingly enough, he once again changes his profile’s bio on Monday:

  • This time around, his bio was notably missing the previously mentioned actress’s name.
  • As well as his profession for his love for her. 
  • Now only comprises words that read,

“Founder IPLt20, Indian Premiere League.”

This recent alteration in his social media accounts caught eyeballs worldwide. People started to speculate that the duo might have gone their separate ways.

Although, the pictures featuring Sushmita Sen remain intact on his account.

What Could Be The Reason Behind Their Break Up?

There could have been two reasons behind Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi break up speculations:

The first and foremost reason might be: 

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  • Sushmita Sen was bombarded with tons of hate comments when the news of their relationship was made public.
  • Seeing that people were calling her a gold-digger for dating Lalit Modi.
  • As a result, she also became the center of countless memes and jokes.
  • Subsequently, calling her out for being with the founder for just his money.
  • However, she did break her silence on the topic on her Instagram.
  • These people are “ignorant with their cheap and funny gossip.”

Being a celebrity couple is not easy in this technologically induced world. Even though the actress made it quite clear, their words do not affect her. It will not be a surprise that the larger audience’s negative attention could have affected their relationship. 

While on the other hand, the second reason can be:

  • Sushmita Sen has a close bond with her ex-boyfriend Rohman Shawl. 
  • Even though their relationship ended long ago, they are still on relatively good terms.
  • They are often seen together and were also spotted partying on her mother Subhra Sen’s birthday.
  • Her ex-boyfriend, Rohman Shawl, also wished the star’s daughter (Renee) her 23rd birthday on Instagram.
  • Saying that:

“Kiddo is 23. Happy birthday, Renter.”

This could also indicate that Lalit Modi might not like her current girlfriend’s close bond with her ex.

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Are The Rumours True?

No one knows anything in this regard. Ad both Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi did not yet break their silence over their breakup news.

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