Why has Jennifer Flavin filed for divorce?

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin have announced their divorce after being married for 25 years. Only a few months ago, the couple shared heartfelt posts on Instagram celebrating their marriage. But recently, the news broke out about their divorce. The couple share three daughters. So, what will happen to them now? And most importantly, what is the reason behind Jennifer Flavin divorce?

Jennifer Flavin divorce: the truth

Their divorce became official on 19th August 2022. For those who do not know, Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone dated for nine years before they tied the knot! So, they were, in fact, together for more than 30 years. But sadly, their journey is now coming to an end. Stallone has other kids from his previous wives as well. Plus, he is much older than Flavin in age. Flavin is in her 50s, while Stallone is in his 70s.

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Jennifer Flavin divorce: the truth
Jennifer Flavin divorce: the truth

The real reason behind their divorce is Stallone’s mishandling of their marital assets. Flavin, in her official statement, addressed the news. She revealed that for the time she spent with Stallone, she has been very content with life. But unfortunately, their marriage has to come to an end now. She’s very grateful for the three daughters that she got out of this marriage. Moreover, Flavin also requested privacy during these hard testing times. So, fans shouldn’t intrude and respect their decision. 

As mentioned earlier, both made heartfelt posts about each other on Instagram. But the one Flavin made does not exist anymore as she has now deleted it. 

Flavin filed for ‘dissolution of marriage and other relief.’ But what does this allegation made by Flavin mean? Under the law, she accused Stallone of excessive spending and borrowing from her, which is also a crime! She filed this in a court located in Palm Beach County. The official legal statement is also out! 

According to this legal statement, Stallone is guilty of all charges. And to compensate the wife (Flavin), she will be given more than her share in the marital assets. Due to the actions of Stallone, the marital assets were depleted, which had an adverse economic consequence on Flavin. Moreover, until this matter is taken care of, Stallone can not do anything with the assets. This was done as per the request of Flavin, who pleaded to restrict Stallone’s ability to mess with the assets. Not only this, but she also converted to her maiden name. 

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One source even reported that they filed their divorce on what kind of dog they wanted to buy. But Stallone addressed this rumour, and he spoke clearly about it. They did not part ways over such a trivial issue. Stallone will always adore her for the woman that she is. However, as they went on different paths, it was impossible to stay together. That is why they have called their wedding off after so many years. 

A source close to them reported that the couple has been having issues for quite some time now. These issues were not for them to resolve as the matter is currently out of hand. Hence the only solution was to file for divorce. They only delayed this process as their kids were relatively young. But now that they have grown up, they have made this decision.

After making her divorce official, Flavin posted on her Instagram account. This post had a picture of her with her three daughters; in the caption, she mentioned how these three girls will always be her family! The couple is no longer together, but we hope they find peace in their separate ways. So, that was everything you needed to know about Jennifer Flavin’s divorce. For more such updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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