Is Supernatural coming back in 2022 With Season 16?

In 2019 VegasCon, the stars of the famous show Supernatural broke the news to the fans that the team had finally decided on letting the story rest now. It was a heartbreaking moment for the fandom as the show continued for many years. Ackles further elaborated that the writing process was not supporting the show anymore. So, that is why they just had to take this step. Hence this means that Supernatural ended there. However, we recently heard about the show returning for the 16th season. So, is Supernatural Season 16 happening? To find out, continue reading the article.

The reality behind Supernatural Season 16 rumours

First of all, we would like to make it clear that the 16th season is not happening! Any source about the possibility of the 16th season happening is not valid. However, the cast will return for the event. 

The reality behind Supernatural Season 16 rumours
The reality behind Supernatural Season 16 rumours

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This is the Supernatural Official Convention Las Vegas 2022. Some new fans might not be aware of this event. It is a meet-greet where the fans meet the actors from the original show. You can ask all sorts of questions about the show, and they’ll answer them. But why is the cast returning for a 16th season if the team dropped it? 

Multiple events will take place that day! 

We also have the guest list for the event. They are as follows:

  • Jensen Ackles – Actor
  • Misha Collins – Actor
  • Ruth Connell – Actor
  • Felicia Day – Actor
  • Timothy Omundson – Actor
  • Jared Padalecki – Actor
  • Tahmoh Penikett – Actor
  • Samantha Smith – Actor

What else to expect other than Supernatural sixth installment?

Well, one thing is final Supernatural Season 16 is not happening anytime soon. However, we have got some excellent news for you. There might be another spin-off under work.

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The cast will return for another series called The Winchesters. This one will serve as the prequel for the show! Ackles and his wife have worked on this project together to produce the show for the CW. As the name suggests, it will be about Dean Winchester. He might not be the main character, but the story will revolve around him. But we can not say the same for the nature of Sam, as Padalecki is currently busy working on another project. However, it won’t be surprising if he shows up for a cameo performance. Well, the fans surely do miss them a lot. 

But in the past, we have encountered many rumours about the spin-offs. So, is ‘The Winchesters’ happening for real this time? Yes, it is! They wrapped up filming a long time ago. And we even have a trailer now. Make sure that you stream it on YouTube. Below we’ll give you a brief overview of the spin-off and what you should expect. 

The show will focus on Dean and Sam’s parents. And Dean Winchester’s character will play an essential role as the narrator’s voice. But the story will focus on John and Mary. It is not a typical love story. They fall in love, but their fate does not allow them to live together in harmony. However, their love is so pure that they fight all the odds to protect not just each other but the entire world around them. Now fans must feel upset that Ackles won’t be directly related to the story. But he has played a significant role in its production! So, it is good to have him somehow rather than not having him at all. 

Jensen seems quite excited about this project. He mentioned how he knew that show was done with the 15th season of Supernatural. But when he formed a production studio with Daneel, he knew exactly which story he wanted to tell the world first. And this story was of John and Mary. Because he has always felt like his character would have loved to tell fans more about his parents and their remarkable story. 

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The cancellation was quite traumatic for the fans. Misha Collins revealed that he was shocked that the show went on for so long. Because when he joined in the 4th season, he felt like the show was nearing its end. But somehow, the series went on for 15 seasons. So, it was about time to say goodbye. But as one phase ends, another one begins! For more updates regarding the spin-off of Supernatural, don’t forget to bookmark this page. 


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