Star Wars “Andor” – Clip Released Before Its Premiere?

Let’s be clear! We are very well aware that the Star Wars franchise is one of the most successful and thriving film franchises in the world, and there is no denying it. I mean, who would have thought that when its first film made its debut in only forty-two theatres back in the year 1977 that it would, still to this day, be flourishing even decades after its release. Not only that, even the thought of making deals with two substantial film companies (.i.e. Walt Disney) for more than $4 billion must have seemed unimaginable to them. But the George Lucas Franchise did achieve all of it. Moreover, they get more than they would have ever thought they could earn from their new creation. 

Considering the integral factor that its first film subsequently engendered several prequels, sequels, stand-alone films, animated films, television series, and merchandise globally. Which, more or less, validates that this franchise possesses an enduring appeal and that said appeal has brought them trillions of dollars from around the world.

Thus, seeing that the franchise is still valuable to people of every colour, country, culture, gender, race and age, it finally decided to come back with a new series on the streaming platform; Disney Plus.

Are you a Star Wars fan? If yes, fear not because we have brought you firsthand information about the upcoming series, Andor. 

Star Wars “Andor” – All That You Need to Know!

The upcoming American television series “Andor ” of the Star Wars universe is the result of Tony Gilroy’s creative abilities, currently under development in Lucasfilm Productions. To our surprise, The Americans executive producer Stephen Schiff is taking the role of the showrunner of the new series. While on the other hand, Moana writer Jared Bush unveiled on November 30, 2018, that he wrote the pilot script and a series bib for the project to get it to kick-start ultimately.

Star Wars "Andor" - All That You Need to Know!
Star Wars “Andor” – All That You Need to Know!

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Here are the names of all the other members of the crew who are part of the forthcoming series:

  • Diego Luna – Executive Producer
  • Tony Gilroy – Writer, Showrunner and Executive Producer
  • Stephen Schiff – Writer
  • Dan Gilroy – Writer
  • Beau Willimon – Writer
  • Toby Haynes – Director
  • Susanna White – Director
  • Benjamin Caron – Director
  • Kathleen Kennedy – Executive producer
  • Sanne Wohlenberg – Executive Producer
  • Michelle Rejwan – Executive Producer
  • Nicholas Britell – Composer
  • Kieran Belshaw – Concept Artist

Star Wars “Andor” – Plot Summary:

Star Wars "Andor" - Plot Summary:
Star Wars “Andor” – Plot Summary:
  • According to our resources, it is “a tense, nail-biting spy thriller” in the Star Wars universe.
  • Moreover, the new series “Andor” is a prequel to the Star Wars spin-off film Rogue One (2016).
  • As per the official description, the upcoming series will “explore a new perspective from the Star Wars galaxy” that will follow the story of thief-turned-Rebel spy Cassian Jeron Andor.
  • The upcoming prequel is set five years before the events of the 2016 film.
  • Which, more or less, focuses on the protagonist’s journey “to discover the difference he can make” and the “tale of the burgeoning rebellion against the Empire and how people and planets became involved.”
  • Overall, it will showcase an era of “danger, deception and intrigue” as we see our protagonist turn into a “rebel hero.”

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Is The Release Date Announced?

Luckily, the series is set to premiere on Disney Plus on September 21, 2022, with its first three episodes. 

However, do you also happen to know that:

  • The said series was previously scheduled to release in 2021.
  • Unfortunately, the production got delayed because of the CoronaVirus pandemic, and thus the date was moved forward.
  • Seeing that Disney CEO Bob Iger already teased the Star Wars fans in November 2017 that Disney and Lucasfilm were developing a live-action Star Wars television series to stream at Disney Plus.
  • We also got the official announcement for the renewal of “Andor” on November 8, 2018, yet ultimately Covid-19 got in the way.
  • Although the date was finally set, and it was initially going to debut on August 31 with two episodes, the premiere date was further extended.

Nevertheless, the good news is that the new series in the Star Wars universe is finally going to take place on the said streaming service. 

Besides that, we also got a hint from the Disney CEO in February 2018 that there are several other Star Wars series in development.

So, lighten up your mood, as the wait was worth it! It is crystal clear that Walt Disney has more in stock for us to watch in prime time.

How Many Episodes Are There Going to be?

  • The first season of the forthcoming series “Andor” will comprise a total of 12 episodes and will be released weekly.
  • The second and final season will also release 12 episodes weekly.

Cast And Characters:

Here is the name of the ensemble cast of characters that are joining the much-anticipated series:

  • Diego Luna as Cassian Andor (reprising his role as a thief whose homeworld was destroyed by the Empire)
  • Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma
  • Stellan Skarsgård as Luthen Rael
  • Adria Arjona as Bix Caleen
  • Denise Gough as Dedra Meer
  • Kyle Soller as Syril
  • Fiona Shaw as Maarva

Besides them, 

  • Forest Whitaker reprises his role as Saw Gerrera
  • Kathryn Hunter will make her appearance as Eedy Karn, Syril’s mother.

While on the other, the names given below are cast for undisclosed supporting roles.

  • Robert Emms
  • David Hayman
  • Alex Ferns
  • Clemens Schick
  • Ebon Moss-Bachrach 

Is There A Teaser Or Trailer?

Yes, there is a teaser and a trailer of the new series out there. Seeing that:

  • The first teaser trailer debuted at the Star Wars Celebration on May 26, 2022.
  • While on the other hand, we got the official trailer on August 1, 2022.

check official trailer:

Star Wars “Andor” – New Clip Released Before Its Premiere?

Besides the teaser and trailer of the Star Wars series, we got a little glimpse of the show through an official clip released on August 24, 2022. 

Star Wars "Andor" - New Clip Released Before Its Premiere?
Star Wars “Andor” – New Clip Released Before Its Premiere?

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This surprised fans to their core but also increased everyone’s anticipation of its arrival.

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