Munich Games Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Did someone ask about the Munich Games? We have got all the latest updates you need to know about the Munich Games in this article. So continue reading and enjoy! 

About Munich Games 

If you are aware of the mass Munich massacre, then you know what the Munich games are about. It is an intense thriller whose story is similar to the events of the Munich massacre, which took place on September 5th, 1972. During the Olympics games in Germany, Israeli athletes and coaches were brutally taken hostage in the Olympic Village by a Palestinian terrorist group. The terrorists called themselves Black September. 

Various attempts were made order to rescue the hostages. However, all of the attempts failed, and after helplessly waiting for 12 hours in a helicopter, 12 Israeli hostages were brutally killed by the terrorist group. 

About Munich Games
About Munich Games

Munich Games is a fast-paced multi-language thriller set 50 years later but is tied to the events of 1972. In the show, two agents will work together to stop a terrorist attack after 5o years of the Munich Massacre.

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The series will be available in different languages, including German, Hebrew, Arabic and English. The director of the famous series We Children from Bahnhof Zoo and Perfume Philip Kadelbach directed the series Munich Games. Furthermore, big names like Martin Behnke and Michal Aviram also played a huge part in the making of the series. 

Furthermore, Sky Atlantic is also considering releasing a 90-minute documentary called 1972 Munich’s Black September. In light of the 50th anniversary of the Munich Massacre and to pay tribute to those who died in this tragic event, the documentary will air.  

What Will Be The Plot of The Munich Games?

The story will begin with a friendly match between the teams Germany and Israel. The match is kept to portray peace and as a tribute to the victims of the 1973 massacre. The security at the match is on high alert. All departments responsible for security, including police and secret services, are actively working to ensure the security of the event. 

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However, even after tight security, an agent stationed in Berlin decodes a message a couple of days before the game. The message alerts him, and he partners with a German State Police officer to make sure the match occurs smoothly. 

What Will Be The Plot of The Munich Games?
What Will Be The Plot of The Munich Games?

The plotline seems promising, and we know people are excited to see this masterpiece.

Release Date of The Upcoming Series

Although Munich Games officially premiered on June 28th at the Munich Film Festival, it has yet to premiere in the UK. Since the anniversary of the Munich Massacre is coming on September 5th, we think that is when the series will premiere on Sky Atlantic in the UK. The series will also be available in Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

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Who Is In The Cast of The Upcoming Series?

The series has its fair share of well-known actors. Here is a list of all the actors who will be appearing in the show:

  • Seyneb Saleh, is a well-known German actor, and she will be playing the role of Maria Kohler 
  • Yousef Sweid, an Arab Israeli actor, will be playing the role of Oren Simon 
  • Sebastian Rudolph, a famous actor from the series Dark, will be playing the role of Michael Hahn 
  • Other actors are Dov Glickman, Gorac Kostic, and Igal Naor.

Is There Any Trailer Available for The Munich Games?

Since there is still some left in the release date of the series, its trailer has not come out as of yet. Sky will soon release it a little while before the series officially premiers. 

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