House of Ho Season 2 Will Have More Drama: HBO

House of ho season 1 has been a massive hit among viewers since its initial release. House of ho had debuted in December 2020. The family dynamics of the House of Ho were so excellent that It has won the hearts of many and gained a significant fan following. It’s been more than a year and a half since we saw this fantastic show. Suppose you are also one of those curious fans waiting for the release of House of ho season 2. Then you have come to the right place; we have some good news for you. This article will give you all the latest information regarding House of ho season 2, and if you are new to the series, we will provide you with some insight into it.  

The wait is finally over. HBO max has officially renewed House of ho for another season, so it is back for season 2. The first three episodes of season two premiered on August 25. The team of House of Ho has promised to bring more drama to the screen with this new season. We will watch the extremely well-off Vietnamese family settled in Houston further explore their family dynamics in exciting ways. This new journey will deal with sobriety, another family’s tragedy, and new love. 

House of Ho Season 2: All you need to know

Season 1 was an absolute masterpiece as we couldn’t stop binge-watching it. The captivating storyline kept most viewers hooked to their screens, anticipating the release of each new episode. The family dynamics showcased were fascinating mainly because of patriarch Binh and wife Hue Ho. They left Vietnam and moved to Houston following the Vietnam war. Although they fled Vietnam in crisis, they built an incredibly successful empire there. Their kids were extremely pampered, living an extravagant lifestyle with loads of wealth or rather an excess of it. The lavish lifestyle shown on screen was more like that of 2022 reality stars.  

House of Ho Season 2: All you need to know
House of Ho Season 2: All you need to know

Although the show revolves around the entire family, season 1 was mainly focused on daughter Judy and sons Washington and Reagon. Judy always felt like she didn’t fit in and considered herself a disappointment. While Washington and Reagon were named after American presidents, the tradition also continued in the later generations. Judy called her kids Kennedy, Truman, and McKinley. Washington also named his kids after Roosevelt and Lincoln.

The show reflects a lavish lifestyle, but don’t let this fool you, for their family has no core values. The Hos are traditional at heart as all their relatives gather together on Sundays for church, dinner, and lunch and spend their holidays together. Their interpersonal relationship and how the family functions as a unit are heartwarming. It makes you forget about all the money paid as their love and hospitality mask everything else.  

Washington’s struggle with sobriety 

Money never guarantees freedom from the troubles of life. Even though Washington was super rich, he had to struggle with sobriety; the Ho family questioned whether Washington was ready to take over the business or not. When Washington was not given the company ownership, it was a challenging day for him. His struggle with being sober was not only difficult for him. It also affected his wife, Lesley. She was still mad at him for spending $25,000 of his father’s money at his 40th birthday party. We hope that House of ho Season 2 will bring lots of good news regarding Washington. Is he finally ready to take charge of the company? Is he still struggling with sobriety? You will find out in House of ho season 2.

Will Judy’s life struggle ever end? 

Poor Judy has had to struggle with her impending divorce settlement. As being a single mom never comes easy, it’s understood how difficult it has been for her. However, season 2 has a lot in store for Judy. Most of the drama will revolve around her life and relationship. Spoiler alert! The opening shot of season 2 shows that the family comes together to bake some pizza at Judy’s House. She lives there with her boyfriend, Dr. Nathan Nguyen. At the end of season 1, in 2020, we saw Nate publicly propose to Judy. A lot has happened since then, and in the season 2 opener, the Ho family celebrates Judy’s new engagement and her pregnancy journey.  

Previously, Judy and Nate decided to call it quits; their engagement broke off when they felt they needed to understand each other’s families better. Regarding Nate, he has witnessed an extremely traumatizing life event where he lost all three of his children in a house fire. Judy understood all the pain he had to go through and appreciated his smiling face, something her parents failed to see and know about him. However, he’s been living happily with Judy and her three kids, and the couple even decided to welcome another family member with IVF.

Are there any new characters in House of Ho season 2? 

Are there any new characters in House of Ho season 2? 
Are there any new characters in House of Ho season 2?

We will see some new faces in House of ho season 2. 

Binh’s nieces include:

  • Bella Ho
  • Kim Ho

And Nate’s sisters, including:

  • Tammy Nguyen
  • Vanessa Kon

Along with their partners:

  • Carlton 
  • Tran 

House of Ho Season 2: An episode count and release date

As the first season of House of ho had a total of 7 episodes, the second season will be even longer than this. Season 2 will have ten episodes in total. These episodes will be released in three days so fans can easily binge-watch their beloved show. 

House of Ho Season 2: An episode count and release date
House of Ho Season 2: An episode count and release date

The first three episodes were released on August 25. The next three episodes from episodes 4 to 6 will be released exactly one week later, on September 1.

The following three episodes of House of ho, from episodes 7 through 8, will be released on September 8. And then the season finale will follow.


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