Will There Be Selling The OC Season 2?

Netflix’s Selling The OC did pretty well with its debut. The pressure the agents put through the show turned out to be a big hit. The first season focused on struggling real estate agents trying to pave their way to a dominating market. The show has everything in it. And if you love shows that talk about business, you must tune in! This brings us to our next most important question; when will Selling The OC Season 2 be premiered? And will the same cast return to it? To find out, continue reading the article!

Selling The OC is a spin-off of Selling Sunset. It was also a Netflix original show which revolved around a group of professional estate agents. It showed their personal and business lives. Overall the show had a good fan following. The spin-off premiered on 24th August and had a new team of 11 members! It has Brett and Jason Oppenheim in the lead. Those who don’t know are the founders of the Oppenheim group who commemorated their second office in California. 

Has Netflix renewed Selling The OC for a second season?

As for now, there are no updates regarding the renewal of the show. So, there is no official release date for Selling The OC Season 2. But this does not mean that Netflix has cancelled the show. Because the decision regarding the renewal usually comes in a month or so. Hence we should be patient as the streaming site analyzes the data and reaches a conclusion.

Has Netflix renewed Selling The OC for a second season?
Has Netflix renewed Selling The OC for a second season?

The first season took almost 10 to 12 months for filming and other production tasks. If the sequel follows the same lead, expect it to premiere in the summer of 2023. But these are our speculations at the moment. 

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And even if we do not get a second season soon, we still have a sixth and seventh season of Selling Sunset! Selling Tampa is another spin-off of the same show. It debuted on Netflix back in 2021. But up till now, the streaming site has not announced anything regarding its sequel. So, we hope this will not be the case with Selling The OC Season 2. Rest assured we’ll update you about the matter in case of any leads. So, don’t forget to turn on the notifications! 

Although that’s all we know about the release date of the potential second season, we might have gathered some other relevant details related to the show. So, feel free to scroll down below!

More about the potential sequel of Selling The OC!

If the second season is to return, then Brett and Jason Oppenheim will also make a comeback because they are always there to keep a check on the agents. Selling The OC debuted with new faces. But we hope that the sequel will also entail the same agents. But of course, there is always space for new members as well. And if this proves to be accurate, you can expect to see the following in Selling The OC Season 2:

Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Alex Hall, Polly Brindle, Lauren Brito, Kayla Cardona, Brandi Marshall, Sean Palmieri, Tyler Stanaland, Austin Victoria, and Gio Helou

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The decision regarding the sequel’s cast lies in the hands of the twin brothers. They spent a lot of time finalizing the team for the first season as the members must connect with them and have a common ground. And as they spent so much time crafting a perfect team, they seem unlikely to change the entire cast in the potential sequel. Of course, Netflix will let us know if there will be new members joining the team in the second season. 

Now, if we talk about the sequel’s plot, there’s a lot to say! It will continue from the events of the first season. So, the groundwork has already been laid for the potential second season. With the complex business dynamics, the show will only become interesting. How do you think the show will proceed? Let us know in the comments below!

Alexandras is already dominating the game. But how long will this continue? We are sure Alex Hall will come up with something. Kayla was still having a hard time in the first season, so we hope she comes to terms with her issues. Gio also has some serious competition now. Well, the second season will be a delight to watch. But only if Netflix gives the show one more chance.

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