Superman & Lois Season 3 – Elizabeth Tulloch Teases about Villain

Elizabeth Tulloch’s recent teasing about the villain of Superman & Lois Season 3 has created an uproar among the fans. Since we know all the OG fans are dying to dig into all the recent details about the show, we have gathered all the critical updates for you in this article.

Superman & Lois is a spectacular American superhero drama. It is based on the DC comics and first came on the air in 2021 on 23rd February. It would be an understatement to say the show has been a hit since its release. Since its release, the series has created quite a hype and has a rating of 7.8 on IMDB.

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The series has two seasons so far. The second season ended two months ago, and fans have eagerly awaited Superman & Lois Season 3. Recently Elizabeth, one of the cast members of the series, spoke about some heavy details about the upcoming season. Since then, the topic of season 3 has been on the hots. 

What Did Elizabeth Tulloch Say About The Villain Of Superman & Lois Season 3?

Elizabeth Tulloch is one of the main leads of the show. In a recent interview at EW’s Comic-Con Video Suite last Friday, she had a lot to say about the upcoming season. It seems like Elizabeth is more than ready to head back to shooting season 3 even though season 2 just ended. During the interview, she revealed that no scripts had been written yet for season 3, but she already knows who the major villain is going to be. Her exact words were: ‘Right now I haven’t read anything – I know who the big villain is, which is really exciting, but that’s it. She further added, ‘ The writers just got into the room, I believed, a week ago, and we don’t start filming until September.’ 

What Did Elizabeth Tulloch Say About The Villain Of Superman & Lois Season 3?
What Did Elizabeth Tulloch Say About The Villain Of Superman & Lois Season 3?

However, Elizabeth could not spare any more details about the villain or who the villain might be. Could it be Bruno Manheim or Intergang or someone new we do not know yet? 

Conversely, she did mention how she wants to see the development of her own character, Lois. Here are things she said about Lois: ‘More of Lois being a journalist and going on scouts or spying on people, the kind of stuff she would have been doing more when she was still at The Daily Planet, having more of that happening in Smallville.’ Furthermore, she added, ‘More of a team up with Clark as journalists because that’s how they met and fell in love. I think that would be really fun. 

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When Will Superman & Lois Season 3 Premier?

While Elizabeth could not reveal many details about the big villain, we guess we will have to wait till Superman & Lois Season 3 officially premieres. So far, the CW network has only given a statement about the confirmation of season 3. They did not reveal when it would air. Considering how the first two seasons aired in January and February, we expect the third season to release in January/February 2023. 

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Who Is In The Cast Of The Upcoming Season?

So far, no confirmation has been given out regarding the cast. However, here is a list of all the actors who could possibly be starring in season 3:

Who Is In The Cast Of The Upcoming Season?
Who Is In The Cast Of The Upcoming Season?
  • Tyler Hoechlin is playing the role of Clark Kent, AKA Superman 
  • Elizabeth Tulloch playing the role of Lois Lane 
  • Jordan Elsass playing the role of Jonathan Kent 
  • Alex Grafin playing the role of Jordan Kent 
  • Erik Valdez playing the role of Kyle Cushing 
  • Inde Navarrette playing the role of Sarah Cushing 
  • Dylan Walsh playing the role of Ret.General Sam Lane 
  • Tayler Buck playing the role of Natalie Irons 
  • Sofia Hasmik playon the role of Chrissy Beppo 
  • Wole Parks playing the role of John Henry Irons 
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui playing the role of Lana Lang Cushing 

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