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You Season 4 Release Date – Is it Renewed or Canceled by Netflix

Penn Badgley is all set to return for Netflix’s You Season 4. The renewal news came a while ago. The streaming site announced its 4th season only a few days after the third season’s release. Well, now that Love Quinn is out of the picture, who will continue our serial killer hunt for next? And not to forget, Joe Goldberg is also a father now. Will he give up on his son? Or will he change himself for the sake of his baby? We have answered all of these questions in detail below! 

When will You Season 4 Release Date be released?

On 22nd March 2022, the official Twitter account of You posted a picture from the set, which made it clear that the production for the 4th season had begun. And recently, we learned that in June, they wrapped up filming for the first four episodes. So, the production is underway! However, Netflix has not yet revealed an official release date for the 4th season of You. But expect it to premiere towards the end of 2022 because all past three seasons have followed this trend. Hopefully, we will get to see our favorite serial killer before Christmas. 

When will You Season 4 Release Date be released?
When will You Season 4 Release Date be released?

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The filming began in London, but as we last saw Joe Goldberg in Paris, the 4th season will also begin from there. If you’re missing the show, you can tune in to the podcast in which Penn Badgley recently featured. He talked about the upcoming 4th season of You! 

Who is in the cast of You’s 4th season?

Joe Goldberg got rid of Love Quinn by murdering her. So, Victoria Pedretti is not returning in the upcoming season. But considering that the fans hold a soft spot for her, the showrunners might bring her back in flashbacks. We have also seen how Joe’s past girlfriends have disturbed him as he used to see visions of them. Although they were not real, at least we got to see them. 

Joe Goldberg will yet again be the main character this time. Alongside him, Tati Gabrielle will return as Marienne, who will fill in the empty place of Love Quinn. Although she fled to Paris in the third season, she is expected to play a significant role in the storyline. 

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This time Joe’s nemesis will be Adam. Lukas Gage will play his character. You must remember him from HBO Max’s Euphoria. Adam belongs to a rich, powerful family; however, he does not fit into their standards. Because according to them, he has always been a failure.

Moreover, his character will play a significant role in the upcoming season. He might appear to have a lot of fun but has a dark secret that no one knows about. And whoever trusts him is bound to face more.

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Charlotte Ritchie will also join the cast as a series regular. She’ll play the character of Kate, who was suspicious of Joe since the second she laid her eyes on him. Hopefully, all these new characters will be a delight to watch in the 4th season of You.

What will happen in the 4th season of You?

Joe dealt with Love Quinn smartly, and now that she is gone, what will he do next? But he abandoned his son when he left him with the neighbors. This might be a mistake! Will he return for his son? And if he decides to move on from his previous life, will his conscience let him live? Well, only the 4th season of You can answer these questions. But this subplot will make it to the story. 

What will happen in the 4th season of You?
What will happen in the 4th season of You?

The third season revealed that he would be after Marienne in the upcoming season. Considering his stalking skills, he’ll trace his way to her. But now that Marienne knows the absolute truth about him, will she be able to live with him? It’s not like she has a choice! Because Joe does not know to take no as an answer. So, things will become pretty complicated. And not to forget that Marienne now thinks that Joe is dead because the house got burnt down to ashes! 

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Some time ago, we even got to see pictures of Joe Goldberg’ taking out the trash’ somewhere near the beach. As always, he might be getting rid of someone’s body. Many expect Marienne to be the next target, but who knows, Joe might run out of luck this time. Especially now that Adam is in the picture. 

Is there a trailer for You Season 4?

For now, there is no trailer for You Season 4. And it does not look like we’ll get one soon. Because the team has only filmed the first four episodes up till now, however, this wait will be worth it! 

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So, that was everything you needed to know about Season 4. For more updates, stay tuned! 

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