Shelby American launches GT500 Code Red

Shelby American, the tuning company, has recently announced the GT500 Code red, a 1300-hp monster. The customer can go for GT500 Code Red with the upgrade package at $209,995. To start the conversation, the rider needs to supply $100,000 in the base form to supply the GT500. The Code Red project is an experimental build of Shelby American. It is surprising because it is not common to see the production. However, Shelby American has recently confirmed that it will make ten units per model for 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

GT500 Code Red By Shelby American

Let us know more about the new GT500 Code Red by Shelby American. A few of the impressive features of the car are:


  • Intercooled twin-turbo set-up for 56.2-liter V-8 
  • Custom pistons 
  • New exhaust 
  • Competition valves 
  • New oil pumps 
  • Reworked fuel system 
  • Anti-lag system 

The introduction of the twin-turbo in the GT500 makes it the first car to offer the same by Shelby American. 

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The car’s output on E85 is 1200-hp along with 1000 lb-ft of torque. However, if you use the pump gas to run the car, the outcome is more than 1000 hp, which flaunts 780 ft-lbs of torque. Compared to the standard car that supports 760 hp and 625 lb-ft, the difference between the car is massive. 

Code Red uses the Ford Performance sway bar to support this vast output. Other features that make this output possible are:

  • Wider bodies 
  • Performance half shafts 
  • Return MagnetRise
  • Wider tires

The widebody package of the car also includes new tires, wheels, suspension tuning, axles, carbon fibre hood, badges and interior. 

Availability Of Shelby American’s GT500 Code Red

Shelby American has not released a word on when the first car will be delivered. However, we know that the production of vehicles is limited. Due to the fear of missing out, we believe that the interested buyers will purchase the car as soon as it hits the market. 

Availability Of Shelby American's GT500 Code Red
Availability Of Shelby American’s GT500 Code Red

This is not the first time Shelby American has involved itself in an experimental production. Previously, in 2008, it made a twin-turbo Code Red using Nelson’s Racing Engine to re-engineer the 5.4 litre V8. However, this increased the cost of the car very much. Furthermore, the nature of the vehicle was too extreme. As a result, the car became non-plausible for production. However, with GT500, Shelby American commented that the issues the company encountered 14 years ago no longer exist in 2022. 

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Over three years, Shelby American wd with four experimental cars and a 2008 GT 500 Code Red. The other three experimental vehicles were:

  • 1968 Green Hornet 
  • 1967 Super Snake 
  • 1967 Little Red 

All these experimental cars were quite an innovation. This is the first time a Shelby American’s practical car is finally going through production due to high demand. 

Shelby American will only work in producing ten units of this model. The package starts at $209,995, which excludes the base car. Along with the purchase of the car, the customer will also earn a Team Shelby membership. The membership will give them an entry ticket to the Carroll Shelby car, established in 2008. Furthermore, the same will be documented in the official Shelby Registry too. 

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Wrap Up

To sum it up, the new experimental car of Shelby American is extremely powerful and extremely limited. The visuals of the car are stunning inside and out. Furthermore, it is potent. What makes GT500 unique is that it is the first-ever experimental car to enter the production stage. It is managing to grab the eyes of all the potential affluent buyers. 


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