Is Rishi Sunak Indian in Real Life?

Rishi Sunak has been the talk of the town for his expected ascent to England’s prime minister. However, this was not the only reason why he caught everyone’s eye, the other and most integral one happens to be his heritage and, of course, his Indian roots; his name itself says loud and clear that he brings with him a history of a nation and its legacy! Not only leading people to become more curious about the person who is expected to succeed as the next British prime minister sooner or later. But also making him the centre of attention in every conversation and prompting the public to ask questions like “Is Rishi Sunak Indian” or “Is he of Indian descent.”

Well, want to know to tame your burning curiosity? Do not worry! We have all the details that you need to know about him down below, and all you have to do is just keep on reading the article.

Is Rishi Sunak Indian in Real Life?

Rishi Sunak is indeed of an Indian descent. He was born to African-born Hindu parents of Indian Punjabi descent (namely Yashvir and Usha Sunak) on 12th May 1980 in Southampton, Hampshire. The British Asian politician’s family moved from East Africa to Britain in the 1960s, where he then grew up and spent half of his life there.

Is Rishi Sunak Indian in Real Life?
Is Rishi Sunak Indian in Real Life?

Who is Rishi Sunak?

Rishi Sunak is a forty-two years old British-born Hindu politician who is also the prime minister-designate of the United Kingdom. Prior to that, he also served as:

  • The Leader of the Conservative Party since 24th October 2022.
  • The Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2020 to 2022.
  • The Chief Secretary to the Treasury from 2019 to 2020.

Besides that, Rishi Sunak was also elected as a member of Parliament for Richmond in North Yorkshire in 2015, and he is still serving as the first Indian-origin M.P.

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Rishi Sunak’s Wife

Rishi Sunak is married to Akshata Murty, who is the daughter of the Indian billionaire businessman and founder of Infosys, N. R. Narayana Murthy.

He met his future wife while he was studying at Stanford University in California as a Fulbright Scholar, and thus, it did not take them long to tie the knot as they got married each other in 2009. They have been together for thirteen years now and have two lovely daughters from their marriage: 

“I have been lucky to live, study and work internationally. I met my wife, Akshata, in California, where we lived for a number of years before returning home. We have two daughters, Krishna and Anoushka, who keep us busy and entertained.” Rishi Sunak shed light on his life with his family on his website.

Rishi Sunak's Wife
Rishi Sunak’s Wife

Both Rishi Sunak and his fashion designer wife ‘Akshata Murty’ were also reported as the 222nd richest people in Britain. The pair have a combined fortune of a total of £730 Million as of 2022.

Rishi Sunak’s Indian Descent Parents Play a Pivotal Role in his Journey as a Politician?

Rishi Sunak has always been pretty vocal about how his Indian descent parents had to sacrifice a lot to enable him to reach the place that he has today in society as a thriving Indian politician in the U.K.

Sunak’s father, Yashvir Sunak, who was a National Health Service general practitioner and mother, Usha Sunak, who ran a chemist shop, had to work hard to send their son to top-rated schools to gain good education at hand.

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Thus, through their endeavours, Rishi Sunak went to great institutes like Winchester College, Oxford University and Stanford University to study philosophy, politics, and economics, and he also got a degree in MBA – which, more or less, allowed him to have a great start at his business career.

Not to mention the fact that it was his parent’s love and dedication to serving mankind that acted as a drive for him to choose politics as a profession:

“I grew up watching my parents serve our local community with dedication,” Sunak reveals on his website.

They were the ones who set a great example for him and prompted their son to serve humanity himself to ensure great future prosperity for man from every race, culture and religion.

Prime Minister–Designate Rishi Sunak’s Indian Background a Testament to Country’s Multiculturalism:

Considering the main fact that Rishi Sunak will be the first person of colour to be named by the head of state to form a new government in Britain is being celebrated as a testament to the country’s multiculturalism. 

Not only that, but Rishi Sunak’s Indian heritage has also taken a new meaning in Britain as well as in India.

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As per Avinash Paliwal, a lecturer in diplomacy at the School of Oriental and African Studies in England, the ascent of Rishi Sunak as prime minister is “going against the grain of deeply racial hierarchies of 21st-century Britain.”

Prime Minister–Designate Rishi Sunak's Indian Background a Testament to Country's Multiculturalism:
Prime Minister–Designate Rishi Sunak’s Indian Background a Testament to Country’s Multiculturalism:

While in India, he further adds, that Rishi Sunak Indian origin will be

“celebrated and fed into the popular narrative of rising Indian — even Hindu — global power.”

Seeing that a person from a country that was previously colonized and ruled over for a huge period of time by the White people will now be taking the reins of that former power as their said leader says in itself that it is indeed a great milestone achieved by the people of color.


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