Beyoncé teases fans with her new song I’m That girl

The visuals for Beyonce Renaissance are now closer than ever, with the pop singer releasing a teaser this Friday for I’m That Girl. The nearly 4-minute long teaser was a surprise for fans who are all now in awe of the video.

The teaser starts with Queen Bey’s lyrics “These motherf—–s ain’t stopping me” playing on repeat. This is pretty much like the original recording of the song. It then shows the pop singer in a metallic bodysuit along with patterned stockings. She is in a kitchen where she opens the fridge, takes out an egg, and cracks it open into a pan. The songstress looks every bit magnificent as she talks on the phone. During all this time, she is also looking into the camera. Moreover, as the song plays out and new scenes appear, Beyoncé dons similar outfits. In each scene and outfit, the “Break My Soul” singer looks phenomenal, making everyone on the internet go crazy about it.

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However, the teaser’s length is quite an illusion as we do not get to see the singer throughout the video. In fact, exactly after 1 minute and 50 seconds, the screen turns black. After this, “act I Renaissance” appears on the screen. Then, credits begin to appear as the rest of the song continues without any music video.

Beyonce, I’m that Girl Release Date

The 40-year-old actress is known for her surprise drops, and the music video for I’m that Girl will be no different. Hence, there is no official release date for the single’s video. So, all fans can do for now is re-watch the teaser again and again. Or listen to the single until Queen Bey decides to drop the music video out of the blue.

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Beyonce, I'm that Girl Release Date
Beyonce, I’m that Girl Release Date

At this very moment, Bey is at the top of the charts, with her music album Renaissance being enjoyed by everyone. The album made its debut on July 29, 2022, along with a glamorous photoshoot. It also came with a message telling the BeeHive about everything that this album stands for. And so now all of the BeyHive is waiting for music videos to define Renaissance, just like the message released before.

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