Is Tyler the creator gay?

The question popping everywhere nowadays is whether Tyler the Creator is gay or not.

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Tyler Gregory Okonma, commonly known as Tyler The Creator, is a well-known rapper, producer, director, and fashion designer. This multi-talented artist has been in the industry for quite a while now. He owns an independent record label and has produced many hit albums. Recently he has been all over the news since his album is about to come out. The news of Tyler the creator gay, is circulating everywhere.

Unexpectedly, Tyler, the Creator’s new album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, has leaked before its release date. Sparking a frenzy of conversation about the record and what looks to be a huge personal disclosure buried inside came from the leaked album. Well, certainly, this is not the first time Tyler has mentioned the topic of sexual identity.

Is Tyler the creator gay?
Is Tyler the creator gay?

The rapper hints that he’s not straight on Flower Boy and has trouble dealing with the stigma he has taken part in. A large portion of Tyler, the Creator’s fame, stems from the fact that he is a racist and a homophobe. The rap collective he was a part of, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (“Odd Future” is good), gained notoriety in 2010 thanks to their manic enthusiasm and Eminem-like fondness for mayhem. They started as a subculture phenomena. However, threats against women and “faggots,” conveyed in song and on social media, propelled them to the essay topic and political flashpoint status.

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Now 26 years old, Tyler has released an album with lyrics that shock in a new and unexpected way. His signature brusque tone predicts that the next phrase will leave his audience gasping in surprise. “I started kissing white males in 2004,” she said.
This isn’t the only occasion on Flower Boy when Tyler alludes to his same-sex attraction.
In the song “I Ain’t Got Time,” he shouts, “Next line I’ll have em’ like Woah, I’ve been kissing white dudes since 2004.”

All eyes have been on the song “Garden Shed,” which has been the subject of much discussion. Due to its cryptic lyrics about a secret love and a sense of being misunderstood have led many to wonder if Tyler is now ready to reveal his sexual orientation.

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Lyrics on the controversial rapper’s latest album imply he has moved from bigotry to an outright admission of homosexuality. This has sent his followers into a tizzy of confusion. So maybe we can assume Tyler the Creator is gay. This may be his way of coming out of the closet. He has also regularly joked about his sexuality on social media and in interviews. Such as the one he gave to Rolling Stone. When the interviewer questioned whether his tendency for “gay humour” stems from repressed impulses, his response was he would “one hundred percent become homosexual” for DiCaprio around 1996.

However, if Flower Boy is a coming-out story, Tyler’s past use of homophobic insults and evasive answers about his sexuality might complicate things. In 2015, he released a shirt with a recreated white supremacist emblem in rainbow colours. It drew criticism, and in 2016, he released an album featuring over 200 instances of anti-gay invective, which prompted outrage.

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With Tyler’s track record, it’s hard to tell how seriously he intends to take any sexuality disclosure. However, Tyler has yet to comment on the rumours and leaks. Whatever the truth might be, we hope the process of coming out of the closet will be easy for Tyler.


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