Solomon Bates Is Gay, Is it True?

Solomon Bates, recently, on his Instagram, publicly came out as gay. However, he confirmed that he came out as gay in front of his teammates back in 2019. He further added that he could be his complete self because he was hiding that he was gay from the people. He also added that he is a masculine man who loves football. But he is still a gay athlete, and he now wants to open the doors for other gay athletes like him. 

What Did Solomon Bates Instagram Post State?

As discussed above, Solomones Bates appeared gay on his Instagram post. In his Instagram post, he expressed his gratitude towards the giants for allowing him to be himself. He further extended his gratitude to Giants for giving him the chance to play the game that he loves the most. 

What Did Solomon Bates Instagram Post State?
What Did Solomon Bates Instagram Post State?

He further expressed his shock at what had just happened. At the same time, he stated that he is determined to do what he wants and will not give up. Bates also said that he would try his best to open doors for gay athletes like him. He wants to be one of the greatest athletes to do that. 

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Also, he further noted that he is not yet done with baseball and clarified that he is leaving on his own terms. Adding to the clarification, he said that gay men could play so-called manly sports if they were given a chance. He again thanked the giants and told them they now have a new fan, referring to himself. He also said that he would not cry and was in love with all his new friends. Lastly, he ended the post by saying he would keep pushing himself. 

Is Bates The First Gay Baseball Play?

Solomon Bates is not the first baseball player to come out as gay. However, he is the second minor league player to come out as gay openly. Previously, David Denson because of the first openly gay player in affiliated baseball in 2015. 

Is Bates The First Gay Baseball Play?
Is Bates The First Gay Baseball Play?

He Was Dropping Hints 

In an interview, Bates revealed that all along the time, he was dropping hints about his sexuality on his social media profile. For instance, during Pride Month, in one of his Instagram posts, he used the rainbow emoji to indicate his sexuality. 

Even though he was dropping hints about his sexuality, he never really came out as gay because he wanted to show the people he handled his things professionally. He wanted to build good stats to indicate that people, even gay men, can play baseball. 

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Recently, he departed from the San Francisco Giants system. Currently, he is looking forward to joining a new team. Hopefully, he will find space in a new team soon. 

How Important Is His Message?

Bates openly coming out as a gay athlete will indeed open doors for many other gay athletes for sure. Therefore, he, of course, will be able to live his dream. The athletes need to come out with their real sexual identity to create an inclusive LGTBQ+ community in the sports community. It is because many athletes who belong to this group either quit their sport or remain closeted while playing the sports. 

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Like Bates stated, remaining in the closet means that they are pretending to be someone they are not. Theft cannot be their authentic selves. It is extremely important to provide an opportunity for everyone to be happy with their sexuality, irrespective of the label that they might care about. 

Many people are extremely proud of Solomon Gates for taking this initiative and openly coming out as gay. He has set an example for all the athletes out there for good. 


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