Johnny Depp spotted with a Mystery Woman in Italy

The defamation trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp ended more than a month back. However, the duo managed to stay in the news for one reason or another. Now we know the equation of Johnny Depp relationship and Amber Heard; it is done and dusted. During the trial, the fans hoped to see a new Johnny Depp relationship. If you are wondering with whom, you are missing out a lot! The fans were expecting to see Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez, his lawyer, together. However, Camille crushed their hopes with the revelation that she already has a boyfriend. If you are a fan who wants to see Johnny Depp back in a relationship, you are in for a treat.

Johnny Depp spotted with a Mystery Woman

The cameras are following Johnny Depp everywhere. He is finally receiving the attention that he deserves. Recently, Depp was spotted in Italy for his performance. TMZ captured the images of the same. What managed to attract the attention of the fans was the fact that the actor was not alone. In fact, he was spotted with a mysterious mind. Can it mean that we can now have a new Johnny Depp relationship? Well, it is hard to comment on it considering the fact that the woman is still a mystery.

Johnny Depp spotted with a Mystery Woman in Italy
Johnny Depp spotted with a Mystery Woman in Italy

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Who is the Mystery Woman?

The TMZ photos have revealed that Johnny Depp, along with Jeff Beck, his collaborator, has arrived in Italy for his performance at Umbria Jazz Festival. A mysterious woman is accompanying him. What is startling about this mystery woman is her red hair. We all know how hard it is to ignore the color red, don’t we?

Currently, there is no information available regarding the mysterious red woman. She could be a staff member, a friend, or maybe a new love interest of Johnny Depp. We will have to keep a close eye on him actually to see his equations with this new lady. Also, if you are a Johnny Depp fan and wondering what he was wearing, worry not; we have got you covered. He was sporting a casual white T-Shirt with a pair of classic blue jeans. Block boots and a brown fedora hat completed his look. He was looking dashing as always. He was also sporting blue lens aviator sunglasses with chunky accessories.

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Are you now wondering what the mystery woman was wearing? Well, she was wearing denim shorts and a green top. She looked gorgeous!

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Johnny Depp Relationship: Social Media Reaction

After the images went viral, social media reactions started pouring in. It isn’t surprising to see that many Twitter users have actually started commenting on Johnny Depp relationship with this mystery woman. A section of the social media users assumes that she is a concert organizer, while others are of the view that she is his latest love interest. What is the truth? Only time will tell. If you are extremely curious to know who this mystery woman is, you need to keep checking this space for more information. We will update you with more details about this mystery woman once we lay our hands on any information. Till then, feel free to speculate.

Johnny Depp relationship with this mystery woman
Johnny Depp relationship with this mystery woman

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