Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?

Taylor Swift is a name that requires no introduction. The American singer-songwriter managed to make quite the name for herself over the course of her career. Her songs proved to be a huge success among teenagers, especially young girls. However, with fame comes a lot of media attention as well. Media attention means that there is a constant telescope into your personal life. Taylor Swift is not new to this attention as multiple speculations regarding her personal life keep making the news. Currently, the media and fans seem to ask, “is Taylor Swift Pregnant?”.

Is Taylor Swift Pregnant? 

Regardless of the multiple rumours, Taylor Swift’s pregnancy rumours are baseless and false. The pair made no statement confirming the news about pregnancy.

Swifties clearly love the Alwyn-Swift pairing and cannot wait for the two to take their relationship to the next level. We can see their support in the constant pregnancy rumours that keep sparking. Probably not the kind of support the couple asked for, but the support they are getting.

Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?
Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?

Speculations regarding the Blank Space singer’s pregnancy started after her 2021 Grammy awards performance. Apparently, the singer’s dress made it seem like she was soon to be a mommy. Later, the pop star appeared in a commercial for Capital Ones, which further added fuel to the “pregnancy” fire. 

The actress won a Grammy for Album of the Year for her Folklore album. To the grand event, she wore an Oscar de la Renta mini-dressed inspired by the 70s. The dress was full of gorgeous applique flowers, and the singer wore a matching face mask to go with it. She also wore baby pink Louboutins to complement the dress. The outfit received much appreciation from a large audience. However, others asked, “is Taylor Swift Pregnant?”

A Twitter user said, “I think we can all agree that Taylor Swift is pregnant.” While another user tweeted, “Just watched her performance at the Grammys 2021, and I have to ask: is Taylor Swift pregnant?”

These tweets seemed to spread like wildfire, with the entire internet now speculating about the Wildest Dreams singer’s pregnancy.


Luckily for the Shake It Off singer, she has a strong group of loyal swifties that came running to her defence. As the rumours spread across TikTok and Twitter, multiple fans also took to their social media to defend the singer. 

One fan stated,” Until a woman confirms it, don’t assume she is pregnant. She has always worn clothes since the rep era that spark pregnancy rumours.”

Multiple fans also defended her and talked about how it is immoral to assume someone is pregnant without them confirming it. Many users also brought up valid points about how women should have the freedom to gain weight without others wondering if they are pregnant or not. 

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The rumours did lead to a healthy discussion about women’s bodies and their right to have autonomy over them whether a woman chooses to get pregnant or not and whether she chooses to make it public or not should solely be her decision and no one else’s.

Taylor Swift Current Boyfriend 

The love story singer seems to always make headlines. Her personal life has always been made quite public, with everyone wanting to give their two cents on her past relationships. However, in her current relationship, Swift made sure to maintain privacy. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn started dating back in 2016 after the singer had a short romance with English actor Tom Hiddleston. 

Taylor Swift Current Boyfriend 
Taylor Swift Current Boyfriend

Ever since they started dating, the pair seemed inseparable and have been going strong for the past six years. The two made sure to keep their relationship out of the public eye. Nevertheless, they do mention each other from time to time. Fans just cannot help but swoon over the adorable couple. 

Alwyn also helped out Swift on her album Folklore and Evermore. He co-wrote the Bon Iver duet “Exile” and also produced 6 of Taylor’s other songs. In classic Taylor Swift fashion, the Bad Blood singer also dedicated some of her songs to her beau. In a private listening session for Reputation, a Swiftie confirmed that the song “Gorgeous” is, in fact, about Joe Alwyn. With lyrics like, “Ocean blue eyes looking in mine, I feel like I might sink and drown and die,” fans keep going gaga over the pair’s romance.

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Engaged

While the pregnancy rumours may be baseless and false, we do have some major good news for all swifties. The 32-year-olf singer is finally engaged to the English actor and her long-time boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Like their entire relationship, the couple chose to keep their engagement very lowkey as well. 

According to sources, the pair got engaged months ago. However, they chose to keep the engagement a secret from the public. The two definitely know the repercussions of being in a public relationship, and they mutually decided to keep it under the wraps. 

While talking to The Sun, an insider claimed that the pair are super in love with each other and are extremely happy. The insider confirmed that the two got engaged months ago, but only their very inner circle knew about the engagement. As per reports, all those who knew about the couple’s next step were “sworn to secrecy.” 

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Moreover, Alwyn gifted his now fiancé a gorgeous ring. However, she only wears it inside the house and ensures to keep it out of the public eye. The pair now are busy preparing for their wedding, the details of which the two choose to keep top secret. 

While the Lover singer may not be pregnant, we are surely beyond ecstatic to hear that she finally found the man of her dreams. After constantly having each aspect of her life scrutinized by the public, it is about time Taylor gets her privacy. We hope the couple continues at their own pace. Furthermore, if they do choose to have a baby, it is up to them whether they want to reveal this information to the public or not.



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