PS5 Discord Integration Release Date is Coming Soon

Sony will soon be providing its users with PS5 Discord Integration. According to the official report, the marked release date of PS5 Discord Integration is “The coming months.” Therefore, even though we do not have a definite date, for now, we know for sure that the version will be available soon. Version 6.00 is coming next month in mid-September. Consequently, we are expecting that the integration will occur during version 7.00. This is good news for the PlayStation users who have been waiting for a dedicated app that supports voice chat and instant messaging for more than a year. 

Even though Discord was available for PlayStation users this year, it had its limitation because it allows one to connect only with Discord friends. Furthermore, it revealed the PSN online ID of the users. 

Development Of The Discord App For PS5

According to sources, the development of the Discord app for the PlayStation5 is going exceptionally well. In the past few months, the development was in the QA phase, which is reportedly impressive. 

This is excellent news because previously, Microsoft made the jump on Son for the Discord integration. It is because using Discord on Xbox consoles was tricking, considering it required plenty of steps. Therefore, having a dedicated app for it was a necessity. We know that last year Jim Ryan partnered with Sony. Furthermore, Sony has invested an undisclosed amount in Discord. Therefore, we can only expect that the development of Discord for PS5 will be rock solid. 

What Happens After PS5 Discord Integration?

With the PS5 Discord Integration, PlayStation 5 users can seamlessly use the Discord app on their consoles. While commenting on the partnership with Discord, Jim Ryan, President and CEO at PlayStation Studios, made many important announcements regarding the company’s aim. 

What Happens After PS5 Discord Integration?
What Happens After PS5 Discord Integration?

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While talking about this partnership, he said that at PlayStation, they are always looking for news to empower players across the globe to connect. This enables them to create new communities and friendships. Furthermore, the shared fun experience helps in creating lasting memories too. 

This spirit is the core of the partnership between Sony And Discord. The Discord platform has been in the limelight for a long time. The platform has more than 140 million users and is an intelligent way of communicating between gamers. 

Considering this fact, it is unsurprising that both companies decided to come together. With PS5 Discord Integration, the makers aim to enhance the player’s experience. 

More About Discord 

Discord is extremely popular among gaming communities because of its instant messaging and VoIP feature. With PS5 Discord Integration, it will be easier for the users of the PS5 console to communicate with each other. Currently, players use their smartphones and laptop or computer to use Discord.

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When To Expect PS5 Discord Integration?

As discussed above, the release date of PS5 Discord Integration is unavailable yet. Therefore, we do not have a specific date for the launch. However, according to sources, the integration might be rolled out by the end of this year. The players have been waiting for this integration for a long time as it will allow direct communications between all the PlayStation players. 

When To Expect PS5 Discord Integration?
When To Expect PS5 Discord Integration?

Previously, in July, it was confirmed that the app would also be officially coming to Xbox consoles after an update. With the use of Discord on different consoles, cross-platform multiplayer games will finally be absolute in a real sense. Different console companies have now come together to allow their players to connect with players across the globe using different consoles each other. And we have Discord to thank for it. 

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Wrap Up

Lastly, the PS5 Discord Integration is currently in the development phase, and the development is not yet complete. The integration will be available to the players in the Version 7.00 update. Now, PS5 is running on version 5.50, which was released in late July. The next version will be available in mid-September. Therefore, we expect that the 7.00 update in which Discord integration will be available will be out by the end of the year, probably in November. This, of course, is an excellent time to roll out the 7.00 version because most significant games are released during the holiday season. 


Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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