Pokimane – Twitch Streamer’s Net worth, Streaming Setup, Earnings and More

Imane Anys, famously known as “Pokimane,” is a Moroccan Canadian streamer. She left her chemical engineering degree to start a full-time streaming career in 2013. She quickly rose to fame by broadcasting video game content related to League of Legends and Fortnite.

Having three channels on YouTube with 7 million subscribers, she offers a wide array of content. Her videos range from online gaming streams and ASMR content to vlogs of her personal life outside the gaming world. Let’s get to know to more about who is Pokimane.

Is Pokimane Dating? Who is Pokimane in a relationship with?

Pokimane loves being in the limelight but has remained discreet about her dating life. In answering some fan assumptions last year, she revealed that she is not dating anyone. However, even if the twitch star was dating someone she has repeatedly explained that she will not share her private dating life. Her concerns stem from watching other streamers who have made their relationships public. The couple has to inform the public when they break things off. And so, she doesn’t want herself to go through the same ordeal and prefers to stay private.

Is Pokimane Dating? Who is Pokimane in a relationship with?
Is Pokimane Dating? Who is Pokimane in a relationship with?

What is Pokimane’s Net Worth?

Viewers became enamored by Pokimane’s attractive personality and impeccable gaming skills. Pokimane’s viewership gradually escalated, leading her to become the most followed female streamer on Twitch.

With her popularity rising, she has become one of the most accomplished, highest-earning female streamers. She has millions of fans on the most popular streaming platforms giving Pokimane a whopping net worth of 2-3 million dollars. The estimated net worth excludes any sponsorship deals and donations.

How much does the Twitch Star Pokimane Earn?

Pokimane has specified recently that sponsorships and advertisements make a major share of her earnings. A leak in September 2021 revealed that the star earned $38,217. She also talked about how streamers with 3000 subscribers can earn $ 10000 monthly. From what she said, we can assume from her 9500 subscribers that she earns almost $35000, which aligns with the leak.

Why did Pokimane turn down a Sponsorship Deal?

Despite her growing fame, Pokimane refuses to compromise on her brand’s reputation. She recently turned down a sponsorship deal worth millions. She believes in not having to do something that doesn’t align with her values just for money.

The young streamer feels she doesn’t fit in the Los Angeles streaming community. Her interest is primarily to entertain her fans. We have rarely seen her making extraordinarily expensive purchases like other streamers.

According to the leak posted on Twitter, she was among the highest paid Twitch Streamers. Her all time earning higlighted was $1,528,303.11.

Pokimane with No Makeup:

In 2018, Pokimane uploaded a makeup tutorial on YouTube which showed her bare face at the start with no makeup. The online mob quickly pointed out that she had been deceiving her audience with makeup. Trolls jumped on the bandwagon to ridicule her appearance. Nevertheless, she stayed strong amidst all the hate being targeted at her. She proudly retaliated by posting her makeup free selfie. Her caption said that this was the face that earns millions which was a shut-up call for the haters. Pokimane without makeup became the most searched phrase as she went on to post more pictures flaunting her bare face.

Pokimane with No Makeup
Pokimane with No Makeup

Women creators are often demeaned for their appearance in a male-dominated streamer community. The young streamer’s step to stand up for herself was applauded by her friends. She has paved the way for other female streamers to be confident without makeup. Pokimane’s stance on her no makeup selfie will encourage more inclusion and empathy in the online space.

What was the Pokimane and Ninja Drama?

The actual culprit in Pokimane and Ninja’s drama is another streamer, Dijion. Dijion harassed Pokimane by sending an influx of his followers to write hateful comments on her stream. The raid feature on Twitch was misused as Dijion’s fans conducted a “hate raid” against her.

What was the Pokimane and Ninja Drama?
What was the Pokimane and Ninja Drama?

The scarce representation of females in the gaming community gives misogynists a chance to express their intolerance blatantly. They should be held accountable for harassing female creators.

What Happened to Dijion?

Thankfully, Twitch took action against Dijion’s hateful conduct and banned his account. At first, the ban was temporary but moved to an indefinite one. Dijion took to Twitter to apologize for his actions. He pointed out that an indefinite ban was unfair. Dijion told Twitch he deserves a second chance to make reforms.

What Happened to Dijion?
What Happened to Dijion?

Is the Beef over?

Coming back to the beef between Pokimane and Ninja. She accused Ninja of helping Dijion to evade the ban. Ninja’s wife came to his defense, saying she would take legal action against Pokimane as the claims had no merit. However, Dijion has moved to YouTube and made peace with the situation. Nevertheless, it’s hard to say if Pokimane and Ninja are over their beef.

Pokimane Age – How old is Pokimane?

The streamer was born on May 14, 1996 and joined Youtube and Twitch in 2013. She is currently 25 years old.

Does Pokimane use her Vtuber?

Pokimane has always explored new arrays of content creation. Recently, she tried the growing trend of Vtubing in a digital avatar. Some people objected that she was clout chasing, and this space is for original Vtubers. She was unbothered by the concerns. She remains true to her promise to entertain and stay respectful to the Vtuber community.

What is Pokimane’s Streaming Setup?

Pokimane has the most recent, up-to-date streaming setup. Her Sony a6000 mirrorless camera provides the perfect visuals. For her ASMR videos, she uses the M-Audio Uber Mic.

Her rig includes

  • Intel i9 9900k processor
  • MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard
  • Seasonic Prime Ultra 1000W power supply
  • NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti graphics card

Is Pokimane on Tiktok?

Pokimane also shared Fortnite-related content on TikTok. The popular streamer has 6 million followers on the platform.

Is Pokimane on Tiktok?
Is Pokimane on Tiktok?

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