LaShun Pace Net Worth – Details about Income, Salary, Age, Husband, Children

LaShun Pace Net Worth is making some noise in the entertainment industry after her death. LaShun Pace also known as Terrain LaShun Pace was born on 6th September 1961 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She died on 21st March 2022 at the age of 60 in her birthplace. LaShun Pace was a singer and a songwriter and is known in the gospel genre. She was active between 1976- 2022. 

LaShun Pace began her singing journey in the mid-1970s by performing solo first and then she further performed with her siblings and created a group named The Anointed Pace Sisters. Her singing and ministering skills of Pace were honed when she was on tour with Rev. In 1988, she recorded In the House of the Lord with Dr Jonathan Greer. 

Her debut album titled He Lives was released in 1990 and it reached number two on the gospel charts of Billboard. The album featured her signature song title I Know I’ve Been Changed. Later, in 2003, LaShun Pace released her autobiography titled My Good But For His Glory. She touched on a wide number of themes in her book. It also discussed the death of her first-born daughter who was named Xenia who died of a heart attack because of an enlarged heart. In 2007, LaShun Pace made her place in the Christian Music Hall of Fame. Later, in 2009 she was nominated for Urban Performer of the Year in the Visionary Award.

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LaShun Pace was suffering from illness for a long time. She was on dialysis for several years and was awaiting a kidney. On 21st March 2022 at the age of 60, she died of organ failure. Lydia Pace, her sister revealed that she was on dialysis for five years. Her mother, Betty Ann Pace previously died on July 7, 2020, and she was also suffering from health complications that were not revealed. According to reports, she was diagnosed with stage five kidney failure back in 2018. 

LaShun Pace: Personal Life

LaShun Pace: Personal Life
LaShun Pace: Personal Life

Not much is known about her personal life. According to different sources, LaShun Pace was single but she had children as described in her autobiography. She had two children named Xenia Pace Rhodes and Aarion Pace Rhodes. However, it is known that Edward Rhodes was her former husband and also the father of her late daughter Zenia. After the death of LaShun Pace, Aarion Mychkiel Rhodes shared a picture of her mother and captioned the same with a heartfelt message. 

Edward Rhodes is also a gospel singer. According to reports Edward has worked with LaShun Pace in her solo career and during her career in The Anointed Pace Sisters and the Georgia Mass Choir. Zenia, the daughter of LaShun Pace and Edward Rhodes died in 2001 when she was 11. The couple divorced before the death of the daughter and LaShun Pace worked alone to raise her daughter. According to reports, her daughter was also a victim of bullying in school because of her height. She apparently weighed 132 kg at the age of 11 and stood 5 feet 6 inches. While describing the same, she said that her daughter on Valentine’s Day brought cards for her classmates but later at the end of the day, she found all the cards in a trash can. 

The death of her daughter sent LaShun Pace into a deep depression. She described her experience with her depression as that even though she knew God, she only knew how to pray but was lost. After 18 years of death, LaShun Pace paid tribute to her late daughter online on 31st August 2019. The caption of the tribute stated that 18 years ago the lord called her daughter to heaven, and if she would have been alive, she would have been 30. She asked the fans to help her celebrate with heaven and further stated that she will meet her daughter again, over on the other shore. During that time, she also fought cancer and faced issues. She previously experienced a near-death experience when her esophagus ruptured.

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However, later LaShun Pace regained her health and then made a reentry in the gospel music industry. After regaining her health she launched the following solo albums: It’s My Time in 2005, Complete in 2007 and Reborn in 2011. Her reentry actually worked like a reboot for her. 

LaShun Pace Net Worth

LaShun Pace Net Worth
LaShun Pace Net Worth

The LaShun Pace is one of the richest Gospel singers and was in fact, one of the most popular Gospel singers. According to sources, her Net Worth was around $1.5 million. Her source of income apart from being a gospel singer is unknown. However, her primary source of income came from her singing profession. LaShun Pace kept her personal and private life in private and therefore, not much information is available about her dating life and the money that she used to earn. Apart from the fact that she was married once and was divorced before the death of her first daughter, not much is known about her relationships with other people. The death of her news was shared by Karen Clark Sheard, a fellow gospel singer and businesswoman. The news was shared with her 1.3 million and the fans of the singer were taken aback by the announcement of her death. From 2020 to 2022, the Pace family has experienced the death of three of its family members. 

Originally, The Anointed Pace Sisters consisted of nine sisters and the group has been active since 1988 and it became extremely popular in 1992. Not everyone in the group is still alive. Duaranice Ann Pace died in January 2021 at the age of 63 and now, LaShun Pace is no longer with us.

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The funeral of LaShun Pace was announced recently. The Pace family invited everyone to honor LaShun Pace on 2nd April 2022. The official invitation read, “Everyone is welcome to come to celebrate with us. Wear your pink for Shun.” People can visit the funeral by heading to 212 Riverside Parkway at Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral at 11 a.m. LaShun Pace is now survived with her daughter and seven sisters. 

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