Rust Valley Restorers Season 4 Returning – Release Date, Cast, Episodes and Trailer Updates

Rust Valley Restorers fans have only one thing on their mind – when will they get Rust Valley Restorers Season 4?

Rust Valley Restorers is a famous show that is about an auto restoration shop in Tappen, British Columbia. The shop is known as Rust Valley because it has too many historic and abandoned cars. The series is based on a novel with the same name.

The previous three seasons of Rust Valley Restorers have caught the attention of the audience due to their uniqueness. Therefore, now fans of the series are anxiously waiting for new volume.

To calm down the fans, in this article we have provided all the information related to this. Read along to find out more.

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Rust Valley Restorers Season 4 release date

Rust Valley Restorers Season 4 release date
Rust Valley Restorers Season 4 release date

Unfortunately, we are still not sure if there will be a new volume or not. This decision will be jointly made by Netflix and History. This is because Netflix holds the global distribution rights for the series.

The audience wants to see new season as soon as possible. However, no official announcement about the season has been made yet.

Therefore, we should wait for an official announcement before speculating anything. According to sources, the new season might come out this year. It typically takes a few months for the season to be completed.

Hence, we can hope to see new season at the end of 2022. However, we should patiently wait for an official announcement!

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While we are still not sure if we will get a new one or not, we can hope to see the cast of the previous seasons reprise their roles for new volume.

Given below is a list of the cast we can expect to see.

  • Michael
  • Sarah Ward
  • Mceown, Cassidy
  • Conor Charman-Hall
  • Shafin Shoaf
  • Avery Shoaf


Since it is still not confirmed if it will be released or not – there is no official Trailer for the season.

Official trailers come out a month before the release of the season and after the official announcement of the season. Therefore, we have to wait for an official announcement about it!

Rust Valley Restorers Season 4 plot

Rust Valley Restorers Season 4 plot
Rust Valley Restorers Season 4 plot

We still don’t know how the story of it will continue. However, we can guess that it will continue the story of season 3.

This means we might see Avery go on a solo mission as she was getting ready for it in Season 3. Apart from that we will see the stories of the other characters in the series.

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For now we can hope that we get new season as soon as possible and it is as good as the previous three seasons.


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