Killing Eve Season 5 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled

Killing Eve Season 4 ended its run with a blast which has left fans confused about what’s next in store for Eve and Villanelle. Will they return for more seasons or not? Well to find out, continue reading the article!

The 4th season was a rollercoaster ride for the fans. Eve’s aim this season was to hunt down the mysterious organization The Twelve. While Villanelle joined the Church to repent on her past sins and become a better person. Helene was also part of a bigger picture this season. But now the question arises, did the finale of the 4th season leave any space for more seasons to follow?

Killing Eve Season 5 Release Date

Killing Eve Season 5 Release Date
Killing Eve Season 5 Release Date

The sad news is that Killing Eve Season 5 will never happen because the 4th season was supposed to be the last one to ever come! So, that means we saw Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer as a perfect couple for the last time ever. The 4th season has aired recently on BBC. So, in case you missed it make sure to stream now!

As the 5th season of Killing Eve hasn’t been renewed yet that means there is no official release date for it either. And don’t expect one either because the show was not ‘canceled’ but it ended its run. Which means that this story is done and dusted! But of course in the upcoming years you can expect the cast reunions or who knows maybe a spin off series as well? It happens at times that the finale of certain shows do not sit right with fans and because of their uproars the creators are forced to renew the show. We don’t know if the same fate awaits Killing Eve because it is too soon to say anything. So, all that we can do for now is hope for the best!

Yes, the show’s story will end with the 4th season but are there other reasons due to which we won’t be getting Killing Eve’s 5th installment? According to Bodnia, the story of Eve and Villanelle is a complex one! They have continued their story for full fledged four seasons but if it is stretched beyond that the show will lose its essence. So, it’s high time to put an end to their story!

According to some insiders it is also true that AMC Networks is working closely with Sid Gentle Films to continue with the world of Killing Eve. Well, the fandom is surely huge and any sort of content related to the original plot will get devoured. So, yes a 5th season is not promised but we might be getting more content in the form of spin off shows! But no one knows when we’ll get these. So, stay tuned until we find out more about this matter.

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Killing Eve Season 5 Cast
Killing Eve Season 5 Cast

As the 5th season of Killing Eve is not promised we do not have a confirmed cast line-up for it either. But if we are talking about its spin off then who knows which character will be the main one? Because a spinoff of the show is expected to take the franchise into the deeper folds of the Killing Eve universe. Our main beloved characters of Eve and Villanelle have been covered in detail for 4 seasons now so they might not be the center of attraction this time.

But let it be known that this information was not revealed by any official sources; these are purely our speculations. However another fact to consider is that the show got all its hype because of spectacular acting by Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh. So, without them the spin off series might not be able to fare that well which can be an issue!

Killing Eve Season 5 Plot

There are no plot details available for Killing Eve’s 5th installment or a spin off. But if any sort of content is to come after the release of 4th season expect it to revolve around a different issue. Maybe it will focus on the assassins under the Twelve or perhaps an unsolved mystery which couldn’t be explored in the early 4 season so Killing Eve.

The writers of Killing Eve have never once disappointed us in the past. So, we don’t need to worry about the future of the franchise either. Hopefully it will be as good as the previous seasons.


There is no trailer for Killing Eve Season 5 yet. Plus we might not be getting one ever because as you know the 4th season was supposed to be the last one to ever come. But yes you can keep expectations for Killing Eve’s potential spin off series. However very little is known about that project. It is still under consideration so all that we can do for now is hope for the best.

Killing Eve Season 4 is now available on BBC! And for more updates regarding the future of Killing Eve stay tuned because we’ll keep adding to this site.

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