Gary Goldsmith’s Net Worth: Everything We know So Far

Gary Goldsmith is a familiar face for most of you as he is the uncle of Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) and the younger brother of Carole Middleton (mother of Kate). He is also famous for some of his bad decisions, but most of you don’t know that he is a brilliant man who had surprised everyone when a search query “Gary Goldsmith’s Net Worth” started to make a trend on the internet.

What is Gary Goldsmith’s Net Worth?

Looking at all his shares and property, it is estimated that Gary Goldsmith has a net worth of around  £30 million. This is all thanks to his smart decisions in the IT world. 

Young Gary joined an IT recruitment company called Computer Futures. Within a time period of 6 months, he was promoted to the position of director due to his outstanding performance. He also bought some shares of the company, which he later on sold for £17 million. Moreover, Gary Goldsmith is also the owner of a magnificent eight-acre villa in Ibiza called the Maison de Bang Bang.

Gary Goldsmith's Net Worth

More about Gary Goldsmith

Gary ,52, has been married four times. He is currently married to Julie-Ann and has one daughter.

At his first wedding in 1991 to Miranda, Kate Pipa Middleton was the bridesmaid. Then, he remarried in 1997 to Luan, with whom he has a daughter named Tallulah. Later on, he married Julia Leake. This marriage was also not successful and ended in divorce. Now, Gary is married to Julie Ann.

Gary and Law

In October 2017, drunk Gary assaulted his fourth wife outside their house in central London. Both husband and wife fought a taxi after spending a night in an exclusive Home private members’ club in Portman Square located in Marylebone. Once they got out of the taxi, Julie Ann slapped his husband, to which he retaliated by punching her straight in her face using a left hook.

Due to this assault, he was taken into custody by the police. Later on, he was bailed and had to be present in front of a judge to decide his punishment. He pleaded guilty and paid £5,000 as a fine. He was also asked to do community service for a year. Along with this, he was asked to attend 20 sessions of alcohol rehabilitation as punishment.

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