Owen Wilson Net Worth: How He Earned his Fortune?

Owen Wilson is an American actor who recently joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This has given a massive jump to the Owen Wilson net worth. Wilson is best known for his work in movies like Night at the Museum, Meet the Parents, and Anchorman. He has further lent his voice in all the three Disney Pixar “Cars” movies. He was the voice of the race car Lightning McQueen. Now, Owen Wilson has again joined Disney to play the role of Mobius M Mobius in the Marvel Studios Disney series Loki, which by the way, is a mini-series. 

This will be their first foray of Wilson in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This move has dramatically influenced Owen Wilson net worth for all the right reasons, considering the fact that his television credits are few. However, he is a well-known face in feature films from where he makes most of his entertainment income. 

Owen Wilson Net Worth

According to sources, Owen Wilson net worth is $70 million. Not only does he earn his income from movies but also as a real estate investor. According to reports, he has invested close to $50 million in properties running across Los Angeles. Being a part of the Disney franchise has worked like a charm for him, and this is true for other people who are also involved with the Disney franchise. His movies have earned more than $2.25 billion in Canada and the U.S. In simpler terms, the average income of the actor is somewhere $75 million per film. 

Owen Wilson Net Worth
Owen Wilson Net Worth

How Owen Wilson earned his Fortune?

The career of Owen Wilson began back in 1999 with the movie titled Bottle Rocket. This movie was not a huge hit, but still, it managed to ensure that he had a solid fan base. His career skyrocketed with movies like Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums. In 2000, he worked with Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon’s film. According to sources, his role in the movie fetched him $4 million, and the movie had a box office collection of $100 million. 

His income varied quite a lot depending upon the movie where he acted. For instance, he charged $1 million for Marmaduke and set $15 million for the film Little Fockers. His role in different movies has earned him an income of $90 million, and this income has played a significant role in increasing Owen Wilson net worth. In addition to that, he has also made television appearances. 

How Owen Wilson earned his Fortune?
How Owen Wilson earned his Fortune?

Apart from his acting career, he is a savvy real-time investor. He has plenty of properties across Los Angeles. He has invested in properties like a beach house in Malibu, a house in Pacific Palisades, and a double lot property in Hawaii. It is believed the value of all these properties has seen a considerable increase since their purchase. This again has contributed to Owen Wilson net worth. 

Just because his net worth is high, it doesn’t mean that he has enjoyed a happy life. Subsequently, he tried to commit suicide in 2007. He overdosed himself with pills and was rushed to the hospital. So, after facing a bad breakup, the actor was battling depression. 

Properties of Owen Wilson

The properties of Owen Wilson are not short-term investments, and they are not actual residences of the actor. In addition to, all his investments in the real-estate property are long-term investments. Furthermore, according to reports, his real estate portfolio has a value of $40-50 million. This again is a massive share of Owen Wilson net worth. We can conclude that the actor does not prefer to keep his money in the bank account but invest in properties to increase his net worth. 

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