My Brilliant Friend Season 4 Will be Back Soon: HBO Officials

My Brilliant Friend Season 4 will conclude the story of Elena and Lila as the two best friends face the ultimate challenge in their friendship. 

My Brilliant Friend is one of the most spectacular coming-of-age series on HBO. It is based on Elena Ferrante’s masterpiece novel series, The Neapolitan series, consisting of four books. Each book is to be adapted as a season. As of now, HBO has released three seasons based on the first three books. A fourth and final season is pending, and HBO officials have commented on its release date and plot. If you are interested in finding out the spoilers released by them, keep on reading as we have got all the juicy details about My Brilliant Friend Season 4. 

My Brilliant Friend Release Date

Renewing My Brilliant Friend for the fourth season was no surprise for fans. We already knew that HBO would adapt all four books written by Elena Ferrante into seasons. 

My Brilliant Friend Release Date
My Brilliant Friend Release Date

Francesca Orsi, the Executive Vice President of Programming at HBO, commented on the release of My Best Friend Season 4, saying,

“When we decided to bring Elena Ferrante’s masterpiece Neapolitan Novels to the screen, we knew Elena and Lila’s story had to be told in its entirety.” She added, “It’s both thrilling and bittersweet to embark on this fourth and final season. We’re deeply grateful to the entire creative team led by Saverio Costanzo and Lorenzo Mieli and to our season 3 director Daniele Luchetti. We look forward to completing the quartet and know The Story of the Lost Child will bring the series to a close with the same heart, intimacy, and epic storytelling that has defined Elena and Lila’s journey from the beginning.”

Season One of My Brilliant Friend came out in November 2018, with the second season coming out in February 2020. The third and latest season premiered in February 2022. Based on this, we can see that each season took two years for production. Thus, we can expect My Brilliant Friend Season 4 to come out in 2024. However, if we get lucky, we might even get to see our favorite best friend duo return to our screens in 2023! 

All the information regarding the release date of the fourth and final season is based on our speculation. This is because no official release date has been announced as of yet. 

All three seasons of My Brilliant Friend consist of eight episodes. Thus, Season 4 will also consist of eight episodes. 

My Brilliant Friend Plot 

The first season was based on the first book in the My Brilliant Friend novel series. The second was inspired by The Story of a New Name (the second book), while the third was based on Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (the third book). Season 4 will be based on The Story of the Lost Child, the fourth and final book in the novel series. 

Season 4 of My Brilliant Friend will bring the story to its end and complete the 60-year-old friendship between the two girls. Their journey in post-war Naples was brutal and violent as they faced poverty, complicated love affairs, and the struggles of motherhood. 

The plot of the fourth season will revolve around Elena’s separation from her husband as she moves back to her hometown Naples with her two daughters. Here, she will reunite with Lila, who never left the town. 

The official synopsis of the My Brilliant Friend series is, 

“Set in a dangerous and fascinating Naples, their story goes on to cover more than 60 years of their lives and explores the mystery of Lila, who is both her best friend and her worst enemy.”

My Brilliant Friend Cast 

My Brilliant Friend deals with Elena and Lila’s growing friendship. The two have been best friends for over 60 years. Thus, the actors playing them in the third season will be replaced by older actors.

My Brilliant Friend Cast 
My Brilliant Friend Cast

Gaia Grace, who plays Lila, left the show during the third season. She addressed this while saying, 

“I’m evolving with her, and it makes me sad to have to hand over responsibility to someone else. All I want is that whoever succeeds me loves her half as much as I do.”

Raffaella Cerullo, i.e., Lila will be played by an unknown actor. As of now, the Hand of God star Luisa Ranieri is expected to play the role. 

Moreover, Alba Rohrwacher will take over Elena’s role from Margherita Mazzucco. 

My Brilliant Friend Trailer 

Season 4 of My Brilliant Friend has not started production as of yet. Hence, fans should expect to wait for quite some time before getting their first looks at the fourth and final season of My Brilliant Friend.

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