Dirty John Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Episodes, and Trailer

Season 2 of Dirty John was well-liked by audiences who streamed it on Netflix. After the ending of the second season, fans almost instantly started questioning whether Dirty John was returning for Dirty John season 3 or not. 

The TV series that first aired on Bravo back in 2018 is based on a true-crime podcast. The show was available to stream on Netflix on 15th November 2019, almost a year after its first episode hit our TV screens. Dirty John is full of scandals, drama, and crime. This, combined with the exceptional direction and storytelling seen in the show, makes the perfect recipe for a fan favorite.  

Dirty John follows the true story of con man John Meehan and his link to Debra Newell. The show bagged a Golden Globe nomination for its first season, hence further putting it on the radar. 

Dirty John Season 3 Release Date

The second season of Dirty John, titled “The Betty Broderick Story,” followed the general theme of a scandal drama based on true events. Season 2 focused on a completely different story of a completely different person, i.e., Betty Broderick. 

Dirty John Season 3 Release Date
Dirty John Season 3 Release Date

Even after almost two years since the second season premiered on Netflix, there has been no update from Bravo or Netflix regarding the status of the third rendition of Dirty John. There has neither been any chatter about it going into production.

If we are to assume that the series is, in fact, returning for a third season, fans may get to watch it on Bravo around the end of 2022. However, those who stream it on Netflix should not expect season 3 to be available before the end of 2023. We are making these assumptions keeping in mind the trend that Bravo and Netflix have followed for the first two seasons, 

Dirty John Season 3 Cast

The series sticks to the trend of following one controversial story per season. This makes it highly unlikely that any of the cast members from the first two seasons will be present in season 3. There has also not been any talk about who may be cast for season 3. This probably pertains to the fact that there is still no official confirmation regarding whether the series is being renewed or not. 

Dirty John Season 3 Cast
Dirty John Season 3 Cast

The show was able to lock in several notable actors for its first two seasons. These actors included Julia Garner, Connie Britton, Amanda Peet, Eric Bana, and Christian Slater. This has the audience intrigued as to who will be seen for any future installments of this true-crime series.

Dirty John Season 3 Synopsis

The details regarding the plot of Dirty John Season 3 have not been disclosed as of yet. The second part of the series followed a slightly different route than the first. It showed the story of Betty Broderick and the scandalous life and consequential murder that surrounded her.

By bringing in the element of murder and scandals, it followed the same theme as the first season with the life and scandals of John Meehan. Putting this into account, it is very plausible that the third season will be on the theme as well.

The showrunner, Alexandra Cunningham, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, let it slip that they did have some ideas of what they wanted to show in the third part of the series. According to her, the team is trying to focus on a theme that revolves more around family and its associated drama.

Dirty John Season 3 Synopsis
Dirty John Season 3 Synopsis

“To me, the final example of love gone amiss is familial. Particularly parentally, I guess that’s where love gone awry really starts. That is something I’d like to examine if provided a chance,” Alexandra stated. 

However, this interview was from back in July of 2020, and there have been no follow-ups or updates regarding this. 


With no updates related to the status of Season 3, it is not surprising that a trailer has not been released either. No actor has been signed in by the producers, and going according to the level of silence; filming has not started either. As a result, the creators do not have much to advertise in the trailer.

If the show renews for a third season, then we could expect a teaser or trailer to drop about a month prior to the first episode hitting our television screens. 


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