Minx Season 2 – Will there be a sequel by HBO Max?

Well the new HBO Max TV Show Minx had quite a positive effect on the audience. Given the unique storyline and killer looks of Jake Johnson the show was destined to be a hit. But will the show return to HBO Max as Minx Season 2? You’ll read all about it later in the article!

Minx Season 2 Release Date

Minx Season 2 is not yet renewed by the creators or HBO Max. So we are still waiting for the confirmation news regarding its renewal. But considering the hype of the show we are quite optimistic. And usually it takes a while for the streaming sites to announce such decisions. Firstly the ratings will be analyzed and then a decision will be made whether to continue with the show or not. And who knows how long it will take. 

Moreover the way the story ended also has the potential of getting developed into another season. While talking in an interview Paul Feig revealed that whenever creators pitch for a show they usually go on to tell a story until 3rd or 4th season. Not in detail but just a vague idea. And as he is one of the creators of Minx our hopes are quite high! He also mentioned that the story is long termed and after that he went to complement Ellen on her supreme writing skills. These statements seem beneficial for the future of the franchise. Hopefully the renewal news will come somewhere in May.

If the show gets renewed before 2022 ends it will most likely release in 2023 or even later than that. We can’t say anything for sure because HBO Max has been quite discrete about the details. Rest assured if we get to know anything about it in the future we’ll update this site so stay tuned!

Minx Season 2 Release Date
Minx Season 2 Release Date


As there is no official confirmation regarding Minx’s sequel naturally there is no trailer for it either. Other than that we also don’t have any sort of promotional clip so it looks like we’ll have to remain patient for a long time. However if you still haven’t streamed Minx then make sure that you watch it on HBO Max! The first season is 10 episodes long and it’s so interesting that you can easily binge watch it in one go!

Minx Season 2 Cast

Although there is no official cast lineup for Minx Season 2 you can expect the majority of core cast of return. Well that means that our main characters Joyce Prigger (Ophelia LoviBond) and Doug Renetti (Jake Johnson) will get featured in the upcoming second season. But who else can you expect to be there in the sequel? 

Minx Season 2 cast
Minx Season 2 cast

Well according to our speculations you can expect to see the following in Minx Season 2:

  • Jessica Lowe (Bambi)
  • Oscar Montoya (Richie)
  • Lennon Parham (Shelly)
  • Amy Landecker (Bridget Westbury)
  • Rich Sommer (Lenny)
  • Michael Angarano (Bridget Westbury)
  • Eric Edelstein (Willy)
  • Taylor Zakhar Perez (Shane Brody)
  • Alicia Hannah-Kim (Wendy Mah)

Nothing can be said about Idara Victor (Tina’s). This is because the way the first season ended for her character doesn’t seem like she’ll return. Moreover all above actors are not confirmed to return. These were just mere speculations from our side given that the story gets continued in the upcoming season. 

For now this is all that we know regarding Minx Season 2. For more updates stay tuned!

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Jacqueline Mitchell
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