Minions 2 Release Date, Cast, Plotline, Trailer, and Spoilers

The much-awaited animated movie, Minion 2 The Rise of Gru, is finally ready to hit the big screen. This movie is the 5th movie of the Despicable Me and Minions Franchise and will be the prequel to the previous 4 movies. 

Produced by Illumination and the animated film is distributed under the banner of Universal Productions. After Despicable Me 3 and Minions, Kyla Balda returns to direct the new Minions 2 movie.  Brad Ableson and Jonathan del Val are codirectors. Written by Brian Lynch and Matthew Fogel, the movie is all set to be a maddening and hilarious adventurous ride. 

Minions 2 Cast

The team for Minions 2 has gathered an all-star cast for the movie. Steve Carrell returns as the voice of Gru, the show’s main protagonist. Carrell is a popular Hollywood A-lister and a name that requires no introduction. The popular actor has multiple accolades to his name including a Golden Globe Award. The actor is probably best known for his role in NBC’s The Office, playing the role of Michael Scott. 

Minions 2 Cast
Minions 2 Cast

Pierre Coffin voices our favorite yellow Minions including, Kevin, Bob, Stuart, and Otto. Pierre is a French animator, film director, and voice actor who has voiced the Minions throughout the Despicable Me franchise. The tenacious Taraji P. Henson voices the character of Belle Bottom, the new leader of The Vicious 6. Henson is an American actor and singer and a Harvard graduate. She is the first black female to win the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series (Empire). 

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Michelle Yeoh voices Master Chow, a trained KungFu fighter who assists the minions on their mission. Lucy Lawless voices Nunchuck, a nunchuck-yielding nun and a member of The Vicious 6. Jean-Claude Van Damme voices the lobster-clawed Vicious 6 member named Jean Clawed (okay, we see what they are doing here. Good word play on words we must say). Further, Dolph Lundgren voices Svengeance. Svengeance is a roller skater and also a member of The Vicious 6. Danny Trejo voices Stronghold, the metal-handed Vicious 6 member. 

Additionally, we have Julie Andrews voicing Marlena Gru, Gru’s mother, Alan Arkin as Wild Knuckles, the previous leader of the Vicious 6, and RZA as a biker Otto becomes friends with on his route to San Francisco. Lastly, Russell Brand voices the character of Dr. Nefario, the forgetful scientist who later goes on to become Gru’s future assistant. 

Minions 2 Release Date

The wait that seemed to be never-ending is finally coming to a halt as the official release date for Minions 2 is out. The animated movie will release on 1st July 2022. The prequel to the Despicable Me franchise was announced all the way back in 2017. 

Minions 2 Release Date
Minions 2 Release Date

The movie was initially scheduled to release in July of 2020. However, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic that had the entire world in its grip, the movie faced massive delays. The movie then got a July 2021 date, which got delayed another year, but the movie is finally ready to release in cinemas this summer. 

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The movie is set in the 1970s and follows the life of a young 12-year-old Gru who is growing up in the suburbs. Young Gru has an undying urge to become a supervillain and is a huge fan of the famous supervillain gang named The Vicious 6. To prove his worth to the gang, he agrees to steal a precious stone. With assistance from his Minions, he manages to successfully steal the stone. Unfortunately, he discovers that one of his henchmen is not as trustworthy as he thought, as he runs away with the loot. 

By stealing this stone, Gru becomes a huge target and enemy of the apex of evil. As a result, he has to be on the run to save himself and realizes that becoming a villain is not as glorious as he had thought. He seeks help from the ex-leader of The Vicious 6, Wild Knuckles, in an attempt to save himself. Doing so he realizes that even the bad guys sometimes need their friends by their side for help. 

Contrary to the other Despicable Me movies where Gru is all grown up, this movie shows us the origin story of our dear villain. Before he became the wholesome and loving father of his 3 beautiful children, he was steadfast in leading the path of evil. However, as we know, after his beautiful daughters came into his life, he left his evil ways behind. But what made Gru the villain that he is? This Minions 2 movie reveals it all.


The official trailer for Minions 2 rise of Gru released back on 5th February 2020, as the movie initially had a summer 2020 release date. Consequently, the delays caused by the pandemic led the movie to push its release by a solid 2 years. Hence, the original trailer became obsolete, and to rebuild the hype, Illumination released a new trailer on 20th March 2022. 

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The trailer is full of action and adventure and truly has the audiences restless for the 1st July release date. Sticking to the classic humor that the franchise is best known for, the trailer ensures that the moviegoers are in for a fun-filled ride that will definitely be worth the wait.

Check official trailer:


As seen in the trailer, Gru finds out that Otto, the newest minion, has lost the stone. This makes him infuriated as it puts his villain status in jeopardy. Adamant on restoring the stone, Gru sends the minions out on the hunt. He soon realizes that he has got himself in deeper waters than he had anticipated. 

The updated trailer which dropped in March of this year further reveals that The Vicious 6 kidnaps Gru. The Vicious 6 is the supervillain gang that he so desperately wanted to be a member of. Bob, Stuart, and Kevin then set out on a mission to save their beloved leader. 



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