EntertainmentDragon Age Absolution Has A Release Date in December on Netflix

Dragon Age Absolution Has A Release Date in December on Netflix

It’s great news for Dragon Age fans because Netflix is reportedly working on its adaptation! And things regarding the show have been so fast-paced that we even have a release date. It is titled Dragon Age Absolution, and luckily we have a significant chunk of information regarding the upcoming series. For more information on its release date and cast, continue reading the article!

The announcement regarding the show came on the last day of Netflix Geeked Week. It entails a lot of action and magic. Plus, according to the streaming site, it is a ‘standalone show,’ and BioWare has also worked on it. So, it looks like 2022 will be 10x more fun for the fans of Dragon Age! David Gaider will serve as the co-director, and the show’s creator is Mairghread Scott.

Dragon Age Absolution Cast

The show will revolve around a new set of characters, and the story is based on Tevinter. As the official trailer of Dragon Age Absolution is out, we can say that the main characters are power-packed! Expect the characters to be a perfect blend of the novels and the game. The upcoming installment in the game series is also set in Tevinter. It is the oldest human nation, so you are about to witness something very historic. 

Dragon Age Absolution Cast
Dragon Age Absolution Cast

The characters are from Dragon Age lore and will include all sorts of options like Elves, knights, Qunari, mages, Red Templars, and demons. Plus, according to the official report, there will be ‘other special surprises. 

The characters’ names are yet to be revealed, and unfortunately, no assumption can be made regarding them as it is up to the writers whoever they want to make the center of the storyline. If you have any guesses regarding the potential cast of Dragon Age Absolution, let us know below!

Dragon Age Absolution Release Date

The show is scheduled to come out in December of 2022. Netflix has not revealed the exact date. It will have six episodes in total!

Dragon Age Absolution Release Date
Dragon Age Absolution Release Date


Unfortunately, we don’t know about the timeline of Dragon Age Absolution. But Netflix was generous enough to let us know it will be set in Tevinter Imperium. The protagonist is an Elf, and his companions will be from all races; humans, Qunari, and even dwarves. You’ll get to see these main characters exploring the realms of Tevinter.

The writer for the show has previously worked on many mainstream animated shows like Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars Resistance. So, we have complete faith in her and her superior writing skills. We’ll know more about its story once the official plot synopsis is revealed. 


The trailer for Dragon Age Absolution was revealed recently. In case you haven’t streamed it yet, check out official trailer:


If you’ve watched the trailer, you must have noticed that we don’t know who the antagonists will be. This is because we didn’t get to see them fighting agents of Solas. Hopefully, this mystery will get solved soon!


It is too soon to say anything regarding the spoilers because we are running quite low on the information regarding the show. But hopefully, as we get nearer to the adaptation’s premiere, the showrunners will let us know about the much more discrete details. So, up till then, stay tuned! 

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