Mayans MC Season 5 – Explore the Expected Synopsis

After the finale of the 4th season, Elgin James announced this was not the end of the Mayans MC. Based on his statement, we can deduce that we’ll get more seasons of Mayans MC in the future. But now the question arises; how will the writers continue with the story in Mayans MC Season 5? To find out, continue reading the article!

But don’t expect the show to stretch further than one or two seasons more because he mentioned in his statement that they have been planning on putting a full stop to the story for some time now. And that time is almost here. Hence we expect the upcoming Mayans MC Season 5 to be the last one of the franchise. But these are just speculations for now!

However, now you must be wondering if Elgin James has confirmed the 5th season. Why has FX not released any statement? We do not have a solid answer to this query, but James has already discussed the ending of the Mayans MC with the streaming site, and not just them, but the entire cast and crew are also on board with the plan. So, we do not know why the renewal confirmation is taking so long. You’ll read more about Mayans MC Season 5 in the article below!

Mayans MC Season 5 Cast

FX has not revealed who will return in the 5th season of Mayans MC. But expect most of the cast to star in the upcoming season except for the ones who died. 

Mayans MC Season 5 Cast
Mayans MC Season 5 Cast

According to our speculations, the following will feature in the 5th installment:

  • J D Pardo as EZ Reyes
  • Sarah Bolger as Emily Thomas
  • Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes
  • Carla Baratta as Adelita
  • Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez

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As the story can not proceed without our brothers, they are surely coming back! We might also get to see a few new additions. But for now, this is all we know about the cast of the potential 5th season of Mayans MC. 

Mayans MC Season 5 Release Date

At the moment, FX has not revealed any details regarding the premiere date of Mayans MC Season 5. Because the 5th installment is still waiting for its renewal news. However, we do not need to worry about the show getting canceled because, according to the showrunner, he is sure that the streaming site will go on with the idea. 

Mayans MC Season 5 Release Date
Mayans MC Season 5 Release Date

The renewal news for the 3rd and 4th seasons did not take long. Hopefully, this will be the same case with the 5th season. Assuming that FX renews the show and the filming begins in 2022, expect the 5th installment to release somewhere in 2023. 


As the show did not get the green light from FX, we do not have an official plot synopsis for Mayans MC Season 5. But nothing to worry about! Because according to the finale, we have mentioned a few theories below which have high chances of being adopted in the upcoming installment. As far as the showrunner is concerned, Elgin James has the story outline in his mind, but he is still trying to perfect the idea. 

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Well, a lot went down in the 4th season, and several characters did certain actions which will have consequences in the upcoming season. The 5th season will define the future of the club. And if the club gets attacked, then, of course, the members will be at a loss too. They will have to make up their mind regarding the deal of the drug trade. Moreover, will they go into a war with the Sons of Anarchy? Guess we will find out once the 5th season goes on air. 

EZ has, unfortunately, become an evil version of himself. We saw how in the 4th season, no one was safe from his wrath. So, we are hoping that the 5th season will serve as his redemption arc. Well, now that he is the new leader, we should expect more violence from the following season. 

Then Creeper’s girlfriend is an informant! We’ll see how this will affect the other members. So, for now, this is all that we can say about the plot of the upcoming season of Mayans MC. 

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For now, there is no official trailer for Mayans MC Season 5. But you can stream the fan-made trailers on YouTube, which will be enough to quench your thirst for now! 

If you still haven’t streamed the show, consider this a sign to watch Mayans MC. The story focuses on the events which took place a few years after the Sons of Anarchy. And the best thing is that you’ll be able to find the show on various platforms; Hulu (US), BBC iPlayer (UK), Disney Plus (UK), and Sky Go (UK). 


Umama Siddiqui
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