Walker Season 3 – Is it Renewed or Canceled by CW?

The CW has made an official announcement regarding most of its shows. But where does Walker season 3 lie? Has it been renewed, or has the network canceled the series? 

Well, there’s just one way to find out about the future of the hit revival series. So continue reading and find out whether Cordell Walker is returning to entertain you once again or not.

(Disclaimer: Several spoilers ahead!)

Walker Season 3 Cast

While we wait on an official cast list, here are all the cast members we expect to see again in Walker’s third season.

Walker Season 3 Cast
Walker Season 3 Cast
  • Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker 
  • Keegan Allen as Liam Walker
  • Violet Brinson as Stella Walker
  • Kale Culley as August Walker
  • Mitch Pileggi as Bonham Walker
  • Molly Hagan as Abeline Walker
  • Jeff Pierre as Trey Barnett
  • Coby Bell as Captain Larry James
  • Odette Annable as Geri Broussard

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In addition, the new season will also feature Paula Marshall, Dave Annable, and Amara Zaragoza as part of the Davidson Clan. The trio became an essential part of the second season, and we expect to see them return. Besides these, a couple of new cast members will join the hit Western crime drama to spice up the season and add new plot twists. However, their names and roles are under wraps. We will let you know as soon as we find out about them.

Renewal Status

The future of Walker season 3 is safe from any cancellations. Back in March, The CW made an announcement renewing Walker for a season 3 along with All American (season 5), Riverdale (season 7), The Flash (season 9), Nancy Drew (season 4), Kung Fu (season 3), Superman and Lois (season 3).

Mark Pedowitz, the CW Chairman and CEO, said:

“As we prepare for the 2022-23 season, these scripted series, along with the alternative series we renewed earlier, will serve as the start of a solid foundation utilizing some of our most-watched series for us to build on for next year and beyond.”

He further continued to say in the press release:

“These dramas are also important to our overall digital strategy, as they are some of our most-streamed and socially-engaged programming, and we look forward to adding more new and returning series to help strengthen and expand our multi-platform footprint.”

So clearly, after you’re done enjoying the second season, you can prepare for the next season, which will hopefully be released soon.

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Walker Season 3 Release Date

You are probably wondering whether we have an official release date or not. After all, it’s been a while since the series got green-lit. Well, the answer is no. But don’t worry, as just a few days back, the second season’s finale aired, meaning that Walker season 3 won’t be here soon. Moreover, the CW has given a fall release window for the new season. Hence, the third season will air every Thursday at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

Walker Season 3 Release Date
Walker Season 3 Release Date


There is no official plot synopsis yet. But we know where things could lead in the next season. 

We all saw how things ended up in the last season with Cordell being kidnapped and Stella wondering where her dad was on one of the most important days of her life, her graduation. So, considering that things will get picked up from here onwards, Walker season 3 will show Cordell in deep waters. His past will begin to catch up with him in the upcoming season, and he will get closer to finding answers. The result of all of this would be him getting in more trouble than ever. Moreover, viewers will also discover the person behind Cordell’s kidnapping. Although, we aren’t sure how long the kidnapping story will continue in the next episodes.

Furthermore, everyone close to Cordell will find it difficult to adjust without him even though it’s not the first time they live without him. But things are a bit different now, and each character has developed more in the last few episodes. 

Cassie will certainly turn out to be the fighter that we all know and will leave no table unturned to find Cordell. Besides this, there are several other advancements that we will be seeing in Cassie’s life in the upcoming season.

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Stella and Colton’s relationship will also face new challenges, and they will probably come out stronger. However, there is an equal chance of them ending things. It will be interesting to see what’s in store for them.

Season 3 will also revolve around Geri and all she faced in the previous season. It will show her face heartbreak, learn from her past and make decisions accordingly.

Walker Spinoff series

Looking at the success of this series, the CW has announced that the spinoff Walker: Independence will be taking place, and it will also air on Thursdays after its parent show. This spinoff is a prequel and will take place in the 1800s. It revolves around Abby Walker as she moves to the West with her husband to live a good life. 

Unfortunately, due to a certain turn of events, Abby watches her husband die. Now, the series focuses on Abby as she moves to Independence, Texas, to get revenge for her dead husband. It shows the several hurdles she faces and how she overcomes them. The entire spinoff is expected to be a hit, just like its parent series.


There is no trailer for the new season. Nevertheless, there’s nothing to worry about, as it will only release a while before the season premieres in the fall.

The trailer will revolve around the various relationships in the show and will continue to be a main focus in the future. It will also feature Geri making some heartbreaking decisions. In terms of Geri and what more we will get to see about her, Anna Fricke, the showrunner for the series, told TvLine.

“But for Geri [next] season, romance aside, given all the revelations she had last season just about her own origins and what happened to her as a child and what happened between her biological parents, and just taking on that history and that knowledge has really affected her. And so we’ll see a lot more, in Season 3, of Geri deciding more who it is she really wants to be on her own, separate from any bloodline.”

So, viewers will get to see glimpses of her in the trailer. Additionally, the Davidsons will be a key focus in this season as not all things surrounding them are cleared. Thus, they will also be a part of the trailer. In addition, it will show Cordell in trouble and much more. After all, the season is bound to be explosive, and the trailer must depict that. Also, there are chances that the next season will end on a cliffhanger. Because let’s face it, we would also love a Walker season 4.

Stay tuned for more updates on Walker season 3!


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