Love Death + Robots season 3 Will be screened Virtually

Love Death + Robots season 3 will premiere on May 20, 2022 on the popular streaming site, Netflix. The first season came out in March 2019 and quickly garnered immense positive acclaim. Love Death + Robots was inevitably renewed for another season by the streaming giant after its roaring success. Starting from 18 episodes in the first season, Love Death + Robots moves on to other volumes with only 8-9 episodes. 

The science fiction anthology narrates different storylines in its standalone episodes. However, the primary theme of the episodes is love, death and robots. Yes, that is how the name of the series is derived! 

What to expect from Love Death + Robots Season 3? 

Tim Miller had initially planned to create a remake of Heavy Metal. But plans were quick to take a new direction after Netflix and David Fincher came onboard. The creative freedom led to the inception of the now beloved animated anthology. Given Miller’s incredible work ethic, there is no doubt that Season 3 will be the perfect embodiment of high quality animation and unique characters.

What to expect from Love Death + Robots Season 3? 
What to expect from Love Death + Robots Season 3?

Love Death + Robots season 3 is being advertised vehemently with its key art. The art sets the tone for the show’s impressive narrative. Coupled with edginess and a cheeky tagline, the cover hints at a dark tone. Season 3 will challenge the audience by pushing the boundaries further than before.

Virtual Screening of Love Death + Robots Season 3 

For the fans getting frustrated with the wait there is an exciting opportunity. Netflix will be offering a Love Death + Robots screening across various US cities. The onslaught of eager fans has however made it difficult to get a hands on the ticket. The event was sold out quite soon and fans are distraught over the missed opportunity. If you are facing a similar situation, Netflix has arranged a virtual screening on May 16th. For all the people who live far away from screening sites or couldn’t get a hold of tickets, this will be the perfect opportunity. You can get yourself registered for the event and enjoy the screening from the comfort of your home.

Are you still wondering if the event will be worth it or not! The answer lies in how curious you are for the upcoming episodes.

What will be featured in the screening event of Love Death + Robots Season 3?
What will be featured in the screening event of Love Death + Robots Season 3?

Do you want to watch the new episodes before May 20? Let us tell you that the virtual event will feature Bad Travelling and Jibaro. Both are highly awaited episodes of Season 3. Not only will you be able to view the unseen episodes, but also watch a Q&A session with Tim Miller, David Fincher and Jennifer Yuh Nelson. They will be discussing some inside experiences which shouldn’t be missed if you want to learn more about the series. A quick dive into how the story for each episode is decided and what it is like working with Netflix.

A lot of your burning questions might get answered so don’t miss out!

What makes Love Death + Robots different? 

Season 3 was an exciting endeavour for the creators as well. Miller recalled in one his conversations that adult animation was never truly embraced before. Seeing the gap, he felt the need to create animation which would target the older audience. 

Miller pitched Love Death + Robots to Netflix and luckily the streaming platform was ready to take a risk. The anthology adult animation completely transformed how everyone viewed animation. The show’s roaring success shut down all the doubts of the audience being interested in adult animation. 

Miller expressed his excitement for Love Death + Robots season 3 and hinted at some big stories in store for the audience.

Love Death + Robots Season 3 Episode List

Love Death + Robots Season 3 Episode List 
Love Death + Robots Season 3 Episode List

Here’s a list of the episodes which will be featured in Season 3.

  • Three Robots: Exit Strategies
  • Bad Travelling
  • The Very Pulse of the Machine
  • Night of the Mini Dead
  • Kill Team Kill
  • Swarm
  • Mason’s Rats
  • In Vaulted Halls Entombed
  • Jibaro

A total of 9 episodes will be released on May 20. Each following a unique storyline keeping the emblematic Love Death and Robots narrative on the forefront. Season 3 will once again leave the audience in awe with its innovative and thought-provoking themes. The enticing combination of fantasy, sci-fi and horror will make Season 3 an unforgettable watch. 

Is a trailer available for Love Death + Robots Season 3? 

Before you watch the screening episode, you can enjoy the official trailer to fuel your curiosity. The trailer will not give much away so you have to wait for the episodes to come out next week. Till then fans can revel in the excitement of Season 3. Stay tuned to read about more interesting updates on Season 3!

Check official Trailer:

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