The Empress Ki Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline: Everything We Know

The Empress Ki is a show that revolves around a Korean born warrior girl who had to serve as a servant at the Mongol Yuan court. The show carries the audience through her journey where she becomes the empress from a servant. The show currently enjoys an IMDB rating of 8.5 and it has two wins and 14 nominations. Show belongs to the genre of action, drama, history and romance. The Empress Ki first premiered in 2013 and its popularity of it is such that, the fans are waiting for The Empress Ki Season 2 even now. The show has won Golden Bird Brize for Serial Drama and the Grand Prize at the MBC Drama Award. 

The Empress Ki Season 2 Plot 

Before knowing what the plot of The Empress Ki Season 2 can be, it is important to dive into the plot of the first season. The story follows the story of Seung Nyang who dresses as a boy to avoid becoming a servant. She is nicknamed Jackal for her fiery spirit. Seung Nyang later goes ahead to work with King Wang Yoo and further, manages to gain his admiration and trust, especially for her archery skills. She also plays a crucial role in protecting Temur, the crown prince of the Mongol Empire. In between her journey, it gets revealed that she is a girl. Then, a series of events take place where from a servant, she becomes an empress and in that journey, she gains both friends and enemies.

The Empress Ki Season 2 Plot 
The Empress Ki Season 2 Plot

The show then portrays the different schemes of gaining powerplay. There is, of course, a love story being Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang which is forbidden but at the same time timeliness. Further, the story of Toghun and Seung is more about her revenge and his obsession but still, it is incredible. This is basically the plot of the first story. 

If The Empress Ki Season 2 ever happens, it is most likely that her journey as an empress will be shown in more detail along with throwing light on her love life. 

Release Date 

The first season of The Empress Ki had 51 episodes and the runtime was 60 minutes. The number of episodes is so huge in one single season, that there was never an update about The Empress Ki Season 2. However, the popularity of the show might make the makers work for a second season. However, currently, there is no information about the renewal status of the show. The first season of the show is available on Netflix. 

The Empress Ki Season 2 Casts

The Empress Ki Season 2 Casts 
The Empress Ki Season 2 Casts

If the second season ever comes into making, all the main casts might return. The primary casts of the show are 

  • Ha Ji-Won as Ki Seung-Nyang 
  • Joo Jin-Mo as Wang Yoo 
  • Ji Chang-Wook as Toghon Temur 
  • Baek Jin-Hee as Tanashiri

The show is based on Empress Gi written by Jang Young-Chul and Jung-Kyung-Soon. Han Hee and Lee Sung-Joon have served as the director of the show. Joo Sung-woo is the executive producer while Cho Yoon-jung is the producer. Victory Contents is the production company and the distributor of the show is Victory Contents. 

The reception of the show has been incredible amongst the fans. It, in fact, became the best foreign program too. The acting skills of the cast have been praised and the elaborate scenes were breathtaking. Even though the show was very popular, it received criticism for including fictional elements. Therefore, there was a discrepancy with the histories who believed that the audience might believe in the false portrayal of the real-life Empress Ki. There is currently no news about The Empress Ki Season 2 ever happening but the makers can change their minds anytime.

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