Longmire Season 7 – Is Longmire Coming Back with the new Sequel?

Fam, as you all have been waiting to hear some news about your fav show, Longmire season 7, then today’s your lucky day 😍. Well, we did some digging here and there for your sake and gathered all the info we were able to find about Longmire season 7. So, are you as excited as we are to find out what the seventh season will be like? So, wait no more. Read on and know everything you can about the most awaited seventh season of the Longmire series.

Longmire Season 7 What we know so far!

The seventh season of the Longmire series looks to be one of the most eagerly awaited television shows. Following the conclusion of the 6th season, Longmire fans are eagerly anticipating the series’ return. However, there has been no official word on when the seventh season will be releasing. 

Longmire Season 7 What we know so far!
Longmire Season 7 What we know so far!

We already know that crime drama fans adore the show. For this reason, the Longmire series became a fan favorite for all six seasons. So since everyone is looking forward to the new season, will there be a Longmire Season 7? 

Here’s what we know so far.

Release Date

Unfortunately, fam, there’s no official news regarding the release of Longmire season 7. In fact, as per insights, most people believe the sixth season to be the final season of the series. Nevertheless, we should not give up hope. Nothing is absolute regarding the fate of the seventh season, so we don’t know what will happen to Walt Longmire and the gang. 

Is the Seventh Season of Longmire Canceled?

Sadly, fam, we have got some bad news for you! According to Netflix news and insights, the show’s seventh season has been officially canceled and is not expected to return. In any case, we cannot rule out the possibility of the series releasing on another platform in the future. Any other streaming platform on which Longmire is broadcast will be profitable because of its substantial fan base. So, even though right now Netflix decided that it isn’t going to renew Longmire for season 7, we can still hope that it will soon, or maybe just like Netflix did, some other steamer may take the show and continue it for the seventh season. You never know if that will be the final season or the start of a new journey, right!

Is the Seventh Season of Longmire Canceled?
Is the Seventh Season of Longmire Canceled?

After all, when A&E stopped the series after the third season and officially cancelled it, Netflix took up the show and released the next season. So, just like Netflix was able to make a profit by airing the different seasons of this tv series, we can hope that any other streamer which takes up the show will be able to do the same.

Plot-How will the story unfold?

As fans already know, the sixth season was all about Walt Longmire’s narrative. The Walt Longmire storyline was neatly resolved by Longmire’s sixth season, which will have been welcome news to many of the show’s viewers. In my opinion, the sixth season was very good. Consequently, they gave the players (actors, we mean) a little breathing room and addressed several unresolved problems. Spoiler Alert! The following paragraphs contain spoilers.

The character of Walt Longmire, played by Robert Taylor, went too far last season in his pursuit of Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez). However, by the time Nighthorse appeared in the sixth season, his feelings towards him had softened. The real bad guy here turns out to be Malachi Strand (Graham Greene). During season six, Malachi attempted to kill virtually everyone.

Longmire turned to Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) and deputy officers Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) and Ferg (Adam Bartley) to investigate and arrest the bad people invading their Wyoming county. Drugs and corruption are indeed problems in many nations around the world and the United States.

Walt’s daughter Cady Longmire (Cassidy Freeman), is unpopular among the Cheyenne tribe this season. She lost all her clients due to an incident involving a young Cheyenne with Scarlet Fever. A former co-worker, Zach, put a stop to her in Wyoming and prevented her from evading Walt’s wrath (Barry Sloane). The real reason behind Cady’s last-minute reversal from her plans to leave town will remain a mystery for now. We have to say that we were not expecting this plot twist. So, how things are going to unfold for Cady (Cassidy Freeman) now will be a surprise for everyone.

Longmire Fifth & Sixth Season – A Recap

We all know that Longmire Season 5 ended with Vic pregnant, even though she didn’t quite make it to that stage. Shortly after getting shot, Vic gave birth to another child. Grief was a central theme of season 6. Her character’s depth was more apparent on screen due to her acting. 

Fans of the books believed Walt and Vic should be together in the TV series just as they were. Various nonverbal cues characterized Walt and Vic’s relationship, but Vic never stated her feelings directly. Even though he wasn’t suppose to intervene, he did.

Vic’s chats with her father (John Doman), her mourning of losing her kid, and her concern for Walt’s safety did not convince us that she would change in the final episode. Vic, a petite housewife, dressed in a feminine ensemble, accompanies Walt on his walk into the wilderness following their passionate encounter.

Longmire Fifth & Sixth Season - A Recap
Longmire Fifth & Sixth Season – A Recap

As usual, this season was intense and suspenseful, excluding Walt and Vic’s deaths. But, regardless of all, there were enchanting scenes, especially the ones in which they chain Henry to a tree until Walt manages to free him.

Also, in Season 6, there are several memorable characters, including Crow medicine woman Tantoo Cardinal. Her appearances on TV excited our hearts every time. In addition, we were please to see Tamara Duarte reprise her role as Mandy, Wynonna Earp’s aide since we loved her in the original.

It seems that every likable character wants a happy ending. For us, it was too fluffy and sweet. Because of their devotion to the show, perhaps the fans thought they deserved an additional season or two. Five seasons have passed since one season that brought everyone together.

The series’ straight-arrow protagonist and all-American hero, Walt Longmire, is hard not to admire. As Robert Taylor portrays him, he is so endearing you can’t help but feel intrigued. If all Americans were held to the same high standard of character and morality, it would be an ideal world. 

Longmire Season 7 Who’s going to be in the cast

As you’re already aware, the Longmire television series isn’t renewed for an upcoming season, so all we have is only a hypothesis. Based on that, we can expect to see the following cast members back.

Longmire Season 7 Who's going to be in the cast
Longmire Season 7 Who’s going to be in the cast
  • Our fav, Robert Taylor’s portrayal of Walt Longmire.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips plays Henry Standing Bear.
  • In the role of Victoria Moretti, Katee Sackhoff appears.
  • Cassidy Freeman plays Cady Longmire.
  • Adam Bartley plays the Ferg.
  • A Martinez is playing Jacob Nighthorse.
  • Zahn McClarnon plays Officer Mathias.
  • Derek Phillips plays Travis Murphy.

Well, fam, this is all we have got up our sleeves at the moment. But fret not thee, cause for all the fans of crime dramas, we’ll surely bring up something new soon!

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