La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Release Date Leaked?

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 is finally happening! This news came a while back, but some sources have also revealed interesting news about its premiere date. Due to all such news, the most searched question regarding it is its release date. So, when will the third season be released? To find out, continue reading the article!

La Reina Del Sur Season 3: The Official Release Date

Telemundo has confirmed that the series will go on air soon. According to their statements, La Reina Del Sur Season 3 will premiere on 18th October 2022. However, its time slot will be different from the previous seasons. It will go on air at 9 p.m; now! So, make sure that you have considered the slots’ changes. Because if you miss out, you’ll be at a disadvantage!

La Reina Del Sur Season 3: The Official Release Date
La Reina Del Sur Season 3: The Official Release Date

Besides the news about the release date, we were lucky enough to get original footage from the third season. You can now stream it on YouTube! 

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The show’s popularity is unmatched because of its spectacular cast and storyline. It is based on the novels of Arturo Pérez-Reverte that came out in 2011. The network decided to adapt the novels into a full-fledged TV series in 2019. And ever since, the show has been doing quite well regarding ratings and viewership. So, does this mean we’ll soon get the glad tidings of more following seasons after the threequel’s premiere? Well, it is too soon to say anything regarding it. Because it completely depends on the finale of the third season. 

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Don’t forget to tune in on 18th October because the upcoming batch of episodes will truly be a game changer. We will see Teresa Mendoza exploring motherhood and, at the same time, keeping up with the changes in her environment. We have seen how she has always been stern since the very beginning. There is no doubt that she is a strong, powerful woman. Despite what she does, she takes full authority over her actions. We can’t wait for more character development in the upcoming season. 

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Fans were concerned about the renewal of the show. But it was understandable that Telemundo would not let the show’s ratings and powerful fandom’s support go in vain. After all, it is one of the top-rated Spanish shows on the TV network.

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In the third season, we’ll see Teresa in jail because of all the crimes that she committed in the previous seasons. However, as she is a powerful woman, she’ll find her way out of this too. But will this affect her relationship with her daughter? Well, the answer lies in the upcoming batch of episodes! But this quest to reunite with her daughter will take a toll on her. Now it remains to be seen how she will cope with it. 

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So, that was everything you needed to know about Telemundo’s Reina Del Sur, which will return to the screens in just a few days. Got more queries? Feel free to drop them below! 

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