Is Kiss Sixth Sense Release Date Coming Soon?

Kiss Sixth Sense is an upcoming South Korean series. The story revolves around Ye Sol who has the power to see the future whenever she kisses someone. One day, she accidentally ends up kissing Cha Min Hoo, her boss and sees that they were lying together in the same bed. The genre of the series belongs to comedy and romance. Arch Media is the production company involved in the making of the series. The series is based on a web novel that shares the name and is written by Gatnyeo. Nam Ki-Hoon has directed the movie and the series will be soon available on Disney.

Kiss Sixth Sense Release Date

Kiss Sixth Sense will be airing on 25th May 2022. The show will be available on Disney+. It is not yet clear whether one episode will drop in a week or like the other Korean shows, it will feature two episodes in a week.

Kiss Sixth Sense Release Date
Kiss Sixth Sense Release Date


Kiss Sixth Sense is about Ye-School who has a special ability. Whenever her lips touch someone, she gets the power to look at the future of the person. However, the period of the future cannot be known. For instance, she cannot tell when the particular incident that she saw will take place. She is currently working at an advertising company and she works for her boss, Min-Hu, whom she hates. One day, she accidentally kisses the neck of Min-Hu and she sees that they are together in the bed. This indicates that Ye-sool and Min-ho will be seen together in the future.

She will also be seen figuring out how and why she ends up with her boss on the same. It will be comical to watch how she carries on with her daily work after this piece of information. How they end up together is something that the series will draw its attention to.

Kiss Sixth Sense Cast

The top casts of the series are:

  • Seo Ji-hye as Hong Ye-seul
  • Yoon Kye-sang as Cha Min-ho
  • Ji-Seok Kim as Lee So-hwan
  • Lee Joo-Yeon as Oh Ji-young
Kiss Sixth Sense Cast
Kiss Sixth Sense Cast

The production of Kiss Sixth Sense was previously halted due to the death of Kim Mi-soo. However, the shooting soon resumed after the other cast members came to terms with Kim’s death.

Kiss Sixth Sense Trailer

The trailer of Kiss Sixth Sense looks promising and the comedic outlook is provided right away. In the trailer, Ye-Seul is shown discovering her super ability. Also, her chemistry with her boss is clearly visible. The entire trailer shows a lovey-dovey scene between the protagonists. Previously, the first look of the series was shared. In the released promo, Seo Ji-Hye and Yon Kye-sang were visible in close proximity.

The anticipation of Kiss Sixth Sense is high because it was a huge hit amongst the comic fans.

Check out the official trailer below:

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