Trying Season 3 Has a Release Date in July 2022 on Apple TV+

Trying Season 3 has been officially announced, and fans cannot wait to see Nikki And Jason dive into the nuances of parenthood. The first episode will air on July 22nd on Apple TV+. The series will have weekly episodes till September 9th.

Nikki and Jason will continue to strive through parenting struggles amidst their hectic lives in third season of Trying. Their heartwarming story resonated with couples struggling to conceive and garnered immense fame and popularity. Fans eagerly wait for Season 3 to join Nikki and Jason on their endearing parenthood journey.

With the amazing cast and behind the scenes team, Season 3 will be just as good as its previous installments. The British Comedy series was created by Andy Wolton, the executive producer, alongside Jim O’Hanlon, Josh Cole and Tim Mannion.

What is the Release Date for Trying Season 3?

The wait is finally over as Season 3 will come back on July 22nd.

Apple TV+ announced the release date of third season of Trying on May 19th. Since then, the excitement is getting harder to handle. Trying Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger making the wait for Season 3 agonizing. However, it won’t be long before viewers can enjoy more of Nikki and Jason’s amusing relationship.

What is the Release Date for Trying Season 3?
What is the Release Date for Trying Season 3?

In just a month, fans will be able to reunite with their favorite characters from the series.

What has happened in Trying Season 1 and 2 so far?

As the name suggests, Trying is a story of not losing hope and working towards what you want no matter the circumstance. The story follows the struggle of Nikki and Jason who dream of becoming parents. Unfortunately, even after spending a huge amount on IVF, they cannot successfully conceive. Disappointed with the countless attempts, the couple decides to opt for adoption.

What has happened in Trying Season 1 and 2 so far?
What has happened in Trying Season 1 and 2 so far?

The adoption process proves to be nothing less than challenging. More worries arise as Nikki and Jason struggle to match with a child after getting accepted to adopt. Apart from the stress of finding a suitable child, Nikki and Jason have to manage through their relationship.

In Trying Season 2, Nikki and Jason take in Princess and Tyler. The couple is happy to have a family but the struggle is nowhere about to end. Tyler is a stowaway kid which makes matters complicated. To save their new family , the couple will have to fight the system for their kids.

What to Expect from Third Season of Trying?

Trying Season 3 will feature Nikki and Jason in their parenting roles as they learn more about their new family. The new responsibilities will test their sanity as they learn to navigate their relationship with each other after the addition of two kids. Since the first two seasons focus on their struggles, Season 3 will feature a positive change. After all the hard times, the teaser hints that Nikki and Jason will see some happy moments in Season 3.

What to Expect from Trying Season 3?
What to Expect from Trying Season 3?

It will be interesting to see how their journey progresses as the story develops. Will Nikki and Jason succeed in keeping their new family together? Or will they cave in and give up amidst the stress and disappointments?

We will have to wait for third season of Trying to answer our burning questions.

Trying Season 3 Cast Members

The endearing cast is the heart of the show. Esther Smith and Rafe Spall play the beautiful couple. Eden Togwell and Mickey McAnulty will play the two kids. Other cast members will also reprise their roles in third season of Trying. Including Oliver Chris who will reprise his role as Freddy, Darren Boyd as Scott, Sian Brooke as Karen and Robyn Cara as Jennifer.


Sadly, the official trailer for Season 3 is not available yet. The trailer will be released a week or two before the first episode. Till then fans can re-watch the first two seasons to refresh their memory.

Third Season of Trying will not disappoint the viewers with its amusing depiction of adoption and parenthood. Till then stay tuned for more interesting updates on Season 3!

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