Cheer season 3 Official Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Netflix’s famous docuseries Cheer season 2 has just ended, and talks about season 3 are already doing rounds. The show first premiered back in 2020 with its first episode named “God Bless Texas” and since then has amassed a great fan following with watchers restless for the third rendition of this docuseries. 

Cheer season 3 Release Date

There has been no confirmation from Netflix regarding a season 3 as of yet. Nonetheless, since the last season of Cheer dropped as a surprise for its fans, it can be expected that season 3 might release in the same fashion. The creator of the show, Greg Whitely, has been filming at Navarro for years. Therefore, it is safe to say that the third season might already be under production.

If the docuseries chooses to follow its previous pattern of release, fans can expect a third installment to release on 18th January 2023. However, it is highly likely that season 3 might release sooner than we expect. The first two seasons are available to stream on Netflix and amount to a total of 15 episodes. It is hard to predict whether the third season will consist of 6 or 8 episodes, but fans are optimistic that there’s a lot more in store for them. 

Cheer season 3 Cast

Towards the end of season 2 of Cheer, we saw multiple characters discussing whether they would be returning to Navarro for another year or not. Maddy Brum from Navarro said that she would most definitely be returning for another year. Gabi Butter has also stated that she will be back in the junior high for at least one more year.

Cheer season 3 Cast
Cheer season 3 Cast

Unfortunately, Morgan Simianer’s fans will be left disappointed as she has clearly expressed her unwillingness to return to Navarro. In an exclusive with Marie Clarie, Simianer stated that she had already graduated and only returned to Navarro for the cheer tournament. However, she was now having trouble balancing her university majors along with the cheer tournament and, as a result, would be ending her journey here. Simianer has expressed gratitude towards Cheer and says that she will be taking back many beautiful memories from her experience. 


Season 2 of Cheer revolved around Navarro’s cheer squad’s journey to Daytona and also that of its rivals. The series showed the multiple challenges the cheer squad had to face due to the sudden COVID-19 outbreak. It also talked about how the team had to be almost fully reselected once schools reopened as most students had graduated over the period of the pandemic. Cast members such as Monic Aldama took a break from the team to feature on Dancing with the Stars. Jerry Harris’s arrest and all the drama and stress that came hand in hand with the sudden success of season one were all talked about in the second season. 

Season 3 is most likely to pick up where season 2 dropped off; however, this time around, providing the fans with many more fresh faces on screening. The intense rivalry between opposing teams and the previous team promoter’s legal case will be continued into season 3 as well. 


There is no official trailer for season 3 that has been released till now. Seems like fans will have to wait till the team or Netflix releases an official statement regarding the third season. 

Cheer season 3 Renewal Status

If we look at the ending of season 2, it could have been highly plausible to end the docuseries there. However, after gaining such a huge fan following since its release, it only made sense to renew the series for another season. Plus, without renewal, how would we find out about the minor questions and cliffhangers that still linger in our minds after the season 2 finale. 

Cheer season 3 Renewal Status
Cheer season 3 Renewal Status

Despite any official acknowledgment regarding a third season, Cheer fans are cautiously optimistic about its release. If we follow the cheer timeline, though, it suggests that another season cannot be expected till the end of 2022. 

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