Is Meghan Ory Pregnant?

Was Meghan Ory pregnant while filming the last season for the Hallmark original series, Chesapeake Shores? To answer your question – Yes, she was you all!

Meghan Ory, the Canadian television and film actress who is widely known for her role as Ruby/Red Riding Hood on the ABC fantasy series “Once Upon a Time,” – made a shocking revelation recently! Who would have thought that by appearing in the 2016 Hallmark original series “Chesapeake Shores” as Abby O’Brien-Winters and staying with the franchise for six seasons, the actress would surprise her fans with the news that she was actually pregnant while filming the last season of Chesapeake Shores? Agree with it or not, it is indeed surprising news as nobody was expecting it. Especially considering the main fact that her flawless acting throughout the whole season did not give us any hint about her pregnancy. However, there were some ups and downs that might have triggered our sixth sense and made us ultimately question that it could be possible, is the actress Meghan Ory pregnant?

Curious to know the answer to that question? Well, here are all the details that you need to know about whether Meghan Ory is pregnant or not! Check them out now.

Meghan Ory Pregnant – Difficult Start to Filming The Final Season of Chesapeake Shores?

Even though Meghan Ory won our hearts with her strong spirit and her outstanding depiction of a high-powered New York City career woman, divorcée and a single mother to two young daughters in all the seasons of Chesapeake Shores, surprisingly enough, the remarkable actress happens to unveil to her fans in an Instagram post that she had a very rough start at filming the last season of the Hallmark original series. 

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that it was not for an alarming reason but was perhaps an indication of good news. (Yes! Meghan Ory is pregnant, you all).

Meghan Ory Pregnant - Difficult Start to Filming The Final Season of Chesapeake Shores?
Meghan Ory Pregnant – Difficult Start to Filming The Final Season of Chesapeake Shores?

Seeing that:

  • The actress was suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) when she was working on the final season of the said franchise.

As per Cleveland Clinic,

  • It is a medical term for “severe nausea” as well as extreme, persistent “vomiting” that occurs during the time of pregnancy.
  • Not only that, but the said condition also hinders one’s ability to eat and drink.
  • Moreover, it could also result in an unhealthy amount of weight loss too.

Besides that, it is a condition that celebrity figures like Kate Middleton and Amy Schumer have also experienced during their pregnancies too.

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The Canadian Actress was Pregnant and was Tested Positive for Covid-19 at the Same Time?

Unfortunately enough, the complications in her path do not end here, apparently. Considering the integral factor that:

  • We also got to know from her post that Hyperemesis Gravidarum was not the only thing that she had to deal with while filming the sixth season of the said series in question.
  • Seeing that she tested positive for Corona Virus too.

While sharing her views about the series finally coming to its end, she sheds light on her struggles throughout her time:

“Well, that is a wrap on #chesapeake shores after 6 seasons! I started this season with #hyperemesisgravidarum and ended it with #covid -it has been quite the run!”

While on the other hand,

  • She also happens to thank their “amazing cast and crew for having so much patience with [her] while [she] tried not to barf on anyone.” 

Once again, drawing our attention to her nauseating condition during the whole shooting and Meghan Ory’s pregnancy as well.

Meghan Ory Hinted about Her Pregnancy in the Month Of May?

Did you know that the Canadian actress actually hinted about her pregnancy in the month of May 2022? Was Meghan Ory pregnant at that time?

  • Sharing updates about her well-being and her work status to her fans, she then writes that “Onset acting like I’m not going to barf.”
  • Alongside that post, we also got a photo of her lying down at work.
Meghan Ory Hinted about Her Pregnancy in the Month Of May?
Meghan Ory Hinted about Her Pregnancy in the Month Of May?

It is crystal clear that Meghan Ory was tired because of all the hormonal change, disturbed condition of stomach and morning sickness – which, more or less, were the result of Meghan Ory being pregnant.

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Meghan Ory Pregnant – Did She Publicly Announce that She was Expecting Her Third Child?

Although the actress did not clearly state in bold letters that she was, in fact, “pregnant” to the whole world and nor announced that both her and her husband, John Reardon, are expecting their third child – currently, the couple have two kids, a boy (2018) and a girl (2019). Her revelation about having Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) – which, to be clear, is a medical condition associated with pregnancy, is saying more than enough that Meghan Ory is indeed pregnant.


  • Seeing that Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) approximately begins between 4 and 8 weeks of pregnancy 
  • We can safely assume that Meghan Ory was also 4 or 8 weeks pregnant at the time of the shooting of Season 6.

Overall, nothing else has been revealed by the Canadian actress and her husband about the said matter. 

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And considering the pivotal factor that the duo are not much of a fan of sharing information about their children to the public, it is obvious that they will keep this pregnancy private.

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