Is Blake Lively Pregnant with Fourth Child?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the IT couple in Hollywood. They never fail to amaze the fans with their spectacular looks and relationship goals. Recently, some pictures of a pregnant belly of Blake Lively have surfaced on the web. So, is Blake Lively pregnant? Or is it an edited picture? To find out, continue reading the article!

Is Blake Lively pregnant?

The 35-year-old star attended the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit last Thursday. The dress which she wore to the event flaunted her baby bump. And this is from where news spread. So, the information about Blake Lively being pregnant is 100% legit. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively already share three daughters together. So, this will be their 4th kid. 

Is Blake Lively pregnant?
Is Blake Lively pregnant?

Ryan Reynolds previously hinted at expanding his family. In February, the star revealed in an interview that his hiatus would soon begin. This break will be from Hollywood projects. He did not stress further the reasons. But only revealed that he is trying to focus on writing Deadpool 3 effectively and also to spend quality time with his family.

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So, this decision was actually to take care of the kids and his pregnant wife, Blake Lively. And in the past as well, we have noticed how both coordinate to make sure that their children get to spend enough time with them. For instance, when Blake used to be busy with filming, Ryan Reynolds made sure that he stayed back to fill in her place. 

Not only are they perfect spouses to each other, but they are also great parents! Ryan mentioned how he wants to live a normal life and not miss out on the time that he has with his children as they are gradually growing up. So, this really is his time to shine. 

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Blake Lively was also recently pictured with her close friend, Taylor Swift. You can scour through Twitter to find out more about Blake Lively’s pregnancy. 

Blake has spoken up about motherhood on various occasions. Her children are very precious to her. Like every other mother, she also faces insecurities, but there is beauty in that too. 

The couple has been together for ten years now! They first met on a movie set, and since then, they have lived happy life. We hope that Blake will welcome a perfectly healthy child into the Reynolds family. Hopefully, this article solved your queries about ‘Is Blake Lively pregnant’. For more such information, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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