Is Lainey Wilson Married? Who Is her Husband or Boyfriend?

Netizens are wondering, “Is Lainey Wilson married?” The question, “Is Lainey Wilson married?” has provided rumour mongers with another topic to rave about. Fans who develop a virtual connection with their favourite artists always remain curious about their relationship status. As we all know, Lainey Denay Wilson is a renowned American country music singer-songwriter. She has been practising music from an early age before shifting to Nashville, Tennessee, to make her career as a country performer.

In her early 20s, she made a breakthrough in the music industry and became a household name due to her passion for music. We aim to provide insight into her flourishing career in music and popular songs, but first, OpenSkyNews will discuss “Is Lainey Wilson married or not?”

Is Lainey Wilson Married?

Lainey Wilson has never been married. Yes, you have guessed it right, and the question, “Is Lainey Wilson married?” is nothing short of speculation. To make it more clear, her marital status is single. Numerous people indulged in spreading misinformation about her marriage, but she is still enjoying dating life along with her music.

Lainey Wilson keeps her personal life private. Still, things began to change when she, a bellbottom-clad country singer and actress from Yellowstone, publicly revealed her romantic relationship with former NFL quarterback Devlin Hodges or Devlin “Duck” Hodges. This revelation was sparked at the May 2023 Academy of Country Music Awards, testifying to all those speculations about Lainey Wilson’s dating life. Wilson and Devlin Hodges, who used to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, confirmed their romantic relationship on the red carpet of the 23 ACM Awards in May 2023. Their relationship is called red carpet official after the strong entry at the most significant event. As a potential partner, this was their first public appearance together.

The lovebirds have been in a relationship for over two years. The singer of “Watermelon Moonshine” shared this information during an interview with The Bobby Bones Show in June 2023, mentioning that Devlin Hodge has been around for quite some time. She deliberately took two and a half years before committing. 31-year-old Lainey Wilson also praised her 27-year-old partner as a “great guy.”

She further explained, “He understands the pursuit of dreams because he has gone through that himself, and I can assure you, he has been incredibly supportive through thick and thin. He never interferes with my preferences and always encourages me to be the best version of myself. And yes, I made him wait for a while, but it has been slightly over two years.

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Is Lainey Wilson Married: Who Is her Husband or Boyfriend?
Is Lainey Wilson Married: Who Is Her Husband or Boyfriend?

“Is Lainey Wilson Married?” Previous Romantic Relationships

Before starting a relationship with Devlin Hodge, Lainey Wilson dated her high school sweetheart for a long time. Fortunately or unfortunately, she ended her seven-year-long relationship, saving her music career from impending failure. Her decision to pursue a career in country music demanded significant losses, but the eventual outcome might have eased the pain.

However, she praised him, remembering him as a sweet memory she always treasures. She articulated her thoughts into words, saying, “He was the only thing I had ever known. We grew up together. He was my best friend. We saw each other through a lot of different phases in our lives. But I knew I would have to leave something behind, so I could try to do the damn thing in Nashville.”

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A Peek into Lainey Wilson’s Early Life

Wilson and her sister Janna Wilson Sadler spent their lives in Baskin, Louisiana, a town of only 250 people, before relocating to Nashville. Her father, Brian Wilson, was an agriculturalist, while her mother, Michelle Wilson, was a school teacher. Wilson inherited her love for music from her family, as the Wilsons often listened to classic country music by Buck Owens and Glen Campbell. Once, she said in an interview that her family always showed another level of love for country music. They lived through the words of those songs.

When she was nine, she attended a show at the Grand Ole Opry and felt a solid connection to the music being played. She looked at the performers and thought, “I want to do that.” Her father taught her a few chords, and she was already writing songs during her preteen years. In 2006, she released an extended play on Myspace called “Country Girls Rule.” While in high school, she took on a job, disguising herself as Hannah Montana. She became quite skilled at it and started performing as Hannah Montana at various events such as birthday parties, fairs, and festivals in states like Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Furthermore, she even once performed for children battling cancer. It was the humble beginning of her successful music career. Now, she has become a well-received touring artist who has served in different shows all across the United States, making her family proud of her success in the musical industry. Notably, despite making her name as a skilled female artist in the music industry, nobody is eager to know about her upcoming album; instead, the question, “Is Lainey Wilson married?” is bothering everyone.

Career Beginning: How Did She Secure a Publishing Deal?

Wilson completed her high school education and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in August 2011. Initially, she resided in a camper trailer near a recording studio as the studio owner was helping with her utility bills. These early years were challenging and taught her the value of persistence. Wilson performed at small shows, honing her songwriting skills simultaneously for several years.

Her debut album, “Wilson,” was released in 2014 under the Cupit label, followed by the 2016 album “Tougher” under the Lone Chief label. This album found success, charting on the Billboard Top Country Albums list. In 2018, she independently released a second self-titled album, which played a role in her signing a publishing deal with Sony/ATV. She also signed a management deal the same year. On October 28, 2022, she dropped her second studio album with the collaboration of a major label.

Lastly, Lainey Wilson’s career is full of accolades and memorable moments. She did not settle for less despite encountering multiple challenges in life. However, those struggles shaped her thought process, which eventually took her to the pinnacle of success. “Is Lainey Wilson married?” should not matter as much as her music for fans.

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