Bella Hadid breakup With Marc Kalman after the Model Entered ‘Grounding’ Rehab

Recent news about Bella Hadid’s breakup has left fans concerned about her string of tumultuous relationships, with the newest addition to the list being Marc Kalman.

Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman’s Relationship Journey

The duo had been together for a substantial two-year period. However, their relationship ended after the typical honeymoon phase, which usually lasted a maximum of three years. The 35-year-old art director Marc Kalman is almost nine years olderKalman’se supermodel Bella Hadid.

Their love seemed apparent to the public, with several celebrity sightings of them cuddling, sharing passionate kisses, and happily attending public events together. They first met in New York City, where Kalman was her art director for multiple projects, including collaborating with famous singer Travis Scott. Interestingly, Bella and Marc kept their relationship under wraps for over a year, with Bella believiit’shat maintaining their privacy was a critical factor in the longevity of their romance. Unlike previous relationships, Yolanda, Bella’s mother, and her sister, Gigi Hadid, approved of Marc Kalman, indicating that their breakup was entirely personal and unrelated to family disapproval.

Fortunately, their breakup appears to have been amicable, without any ugly fallout.

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Bella Hadid’s Journey with Rehab and Overcoming Addictions

Rumours were circulating that Bella Hadid had entered rehab due to issues with alcohol and drug consumption. As an effective treatment, recovery focuses on coping mechanisms and overcoming addiction, especially for those dealing with traumatic experiences. Bella has been open about her struggles with mental health, which may have contributed to her reliance on substances.

She has shared how rehab helped her overcome her addictions, which she attributes partly to the pressures of her stressful job as a model. Bella has remained sober for an impressive nine months, but it is essential to clarify that rehab is not the reason behind her recent breakup with Marc Kalman.

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Bella Hadid breakup With Marc Kalman after the Model Entered ‘Grounding’ Rehab
Bella Hadid breakup With Marc Kalman after the Model Entered ‘Grounding’ Rehab

Understanding the Reasons for Bella Hadid Breakup

Bella Hadid has been vocal about her mental health challenges, resonating with her massive Instagram following. The constant spotlight of fame has taken a toll on her, and she has openly discussed the pressures of looking perfect in the demanding modelling industry, where the toxic culture of staying size zero can be mentally and physically taxing. Her boyfriends have often found it difficult to fully comprehend and empathize with the challenges she faces, leading to strained relationships and lacking mutual understanding.

Furthermore, Bella is also battling Lyme disease, an infectious disease transmitted through tick bites. Bella, her brother Anwar, her sister Gigi, and their mother Yolanda have all been diagnosed with this ailment. Managing the disease and living with the fear of symptoms and relapseWhat’sbe mentally exhausting and may have been a significant contributing factor to Bella’s breakup with Marc Kalman.

What’s Next for Bella Hadid?

Following another failed romantic interest, fans are naturally concerned about Bella’sHadids’eing. Her high-profile relationships, including her past romance with The Weeknd, have been heavily scrutinized in the media. As part of the Hadid family, with a history of Bella’sofile relationships such as Zayn and Gigi and Anwar and Dua Lipa, Bella’s love life will inevitably continue to draw exceptional attention and make headlines.

For now, Bella is taking some time off to focus on herself. She acknowledges that rehab can provide grounding, allowing her to escape the day-to-day pressures of her modelling career. She recently prioritized her mental health, even skipping the renowned Paris Fashion Week to devote time to self-care and healing. As Bella Hadid navigates the ups and downs of relationships and fame, her fans remain supportive and hopeful for her well-being and happiness.

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