Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? Is it Really True?

We know “Is Jackson Mahomes gay?” is one question that is making the life of Patrick Mahomes’s brother a bit more difficult. Growing up in the limelight has its own set of drawbacks, and Patrick is currently the target of the internet peeps. Jackson Mahomes has an identity of a social media sensation that did attract quite a bit of attention over the years. He is a successful influencer with over a million followers on TikTok and Instagram. But questions like “is Jackson Mahomes gay?” are the cost of his popularity.

He has recently been in trouble after dumping water on one of the Baltimore Ravens fans. The clip went instantly viral, adding fuel to the “Is Jackson Mahomes gay?” rumors. Though his brother Patrick came to defend Jackson, the discussions about his behavior and sexuality continue. There have been a lot of speculations about his sexual orientation, and today, we will clarify the doubts about “Is Jackson Mahomes gay or not.” Jackson took the matter into his hands and decided to explain everything to his fans and trolls.

Is Jackson Mahomes gay? The Social Media Star Addressed The Rumours

Answering rumors about “is Jackson Mahomes gay?” the social media star clarified he is not gay in a YouTube video. He stated clearly that he is attracted to women and is deeply hurt as this question keeps coming up despite clarifying it repeatedly. Moreover, he said that questions like “is Jackson Mahomes gay?” were disrespectful. People should respect how others choose to live their lives and not be judged for it. It is not a matter of entertainment and is hurtful for people who prefer to have same-sex partners.

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Is Jackson Mahomes Gay Is it Really True
Is Jackson Mahomes Gay Is it Really True

He also mentioned that these speculations began because of some of his physical features that he has no control over. The YouTuber and TikToker claim that the confusion surrounding his sexual orientation arises because of his female-like voice. Jackson shared how he has been insecure about his voice and also got hate for the same.

He often indirectly addressed “is Jackson Mahomes gay?” speculations through his social media content. He has been seen flirting with ladies and trying to attract women.

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However, this wasn’t enough to stop all the harassment he was receiving for just some rumors. Jackson also said he only tries to look at positive comments to feel good about himself. This is because there is so much negativity and drama with the entire “is Jackson Mahomes gay?” fiasco. He doesn’t want to feel ashamed of himself. At least, there are quite some supporters who motivate him to continue his work.

Who Is Jackson Mahomes’ Girlfriend Or Wife?

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Being an internet celebrity means there will be hardly anything private about your life since the fans will always try to find out more about your personal life. Amidst, is Jackson Mahomes gay speculations, fans want to know if he has a wife. Well, Jack is only 22 years old, and he is not married. Moreover, he doesn’t have any plans to propose to anyone soon. However, the fans have seen him posing with multiple women and had flirty captions. So, who exactly is his girlfriend, is still a mystery. Especially after the “is Jackson Mahomes gay?” rumors, he wants to maintain a private life for his peace of mind.

Who Is Jackson Mahomes' Girlfriend Or Wife
Who Is Jackson Mahomes’ Girlfriend Or Wife

But in the 19th September 2021 incident, a clip of Jackson pouring water on the Ravens fans blew up on the internet. The fans were taunting him, which triggered this behavior. Some fans even went ahead to think if there is any connection to “is Jackson Mahomes gay?” teases to this event. Well, the claims were not stated or verified, but it must have been rough to bring that side of the social media star out in public.

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There are so many more opportunities waiting for Jackson. But he needs to patiently deal with all the crazy news like “is Jackson Mahomes gay?” to be successful. Now that he has made it clear that he is straight, hopefully, the trolls will stop. We wish that the social media star now gets to be at peace.


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