Is Amber Heard Dating Someone?

Amber Heard has now become a name that everyone in the whole world is very well aware of, and no, that is not because of any accolades that she achieved in her career or her latest work! But instead, it is the result of her much-publicized divorce with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, that brought her widespread backlash over her allegations from the larger audience. Making her the center of the media’s attention as everyone wants to know more about her life and are especially curious to know who is Amber Heard dating now after her split with her ex-husband.

After the revelation of many shocking insights about their marriage in the bitter court trial and the final verdict ultimately being announced in favor of The Pirates of the Caribbean star. Still, the intense media scrutiny did not end by any means as it made the masses even more curious about the personal lives of both the actors and, of course, their dating life since then. Considering the main fact that the star-studded actor “Johnny Depp” has already moved on with his life and he is currently dating the lawyer “Joelle Rich,” it has also left many people wondering is Amber Heard dating someone at present too or not?

Here are all the details that you need to know about who is Amber Heard dating, and all you have to do now is just keep on reading the article.

Is Amber Heard Dating Someone?

No, Amber Laura Heard is not dating anyone at the present time, if you were all wondering. Surprisingly enough, the thirty-six-year-old American actress is single at the moment as she has decided to have her focus solely on her firstborn daughter, “Oonagh Paige Heard,” for the time being, who she had via surrogacy in April in the year of 2021.

Is Amber Heard Dating Someone?
Is Amber Heard Dating Someone?

However, that does not by any way mean that the actress has not dated anyone after her divorce with Johnny Depp, as she has been involved with countless men as well as women before and after their gruesome divorce. Continue reading to know about Amber Heard dating history.

Does Amber Heard Have a Girlfriend?

Even though Amber Heard is not in a relationship as of now, her latest relationship was with the cinematographer Bianca Butti (2020 – 2021), who is now her ex-girlfriend.

The two went public with their relationship in January 2020 when they were caught red-handed by the paparazzi during a heated make-out session outside a hotel in Palm Springs, California.

Does Amber Heard Have a Girlfriend?
Does Amber Heard Have a Girlfriend?

After their snaps went viral on the internet, insight on their relationship came from a reliable source who told US Weekly in 2020 that,

“Amber is not trying to be low-key about it. She feels comfortable kissing Bianca and holding her hands in public at this point. They started as friends, and it turned into something more.”

Afterwards, they even attended the 2020 Women’s March in Los Angeles together and also spent Valentine’s Day together in 2021, though long-distance came in between the two as they ended things in December 2021 after having spent “months apart.”

At that time, the friends turned lovers were in separate countries, seeing that Bianca Butti was working in Los Angeles while Amber Heard was busy filming “Aquaman 2” in the United Kingdom. (So, break up does seem quite understandable if you ask me)

Though they went their separate ways, it is crystal clear that their less than two-year-long relationship was going strong in its own way, as Bianca Butti even went as far as to attend many of Amber Heard’s defamation case court hearings as well.

Amber Heard Dating History After Her Divorce From Johnny Depp:

One would think that after receiving so much hate and criticism from the public during her defamation lawsuit, many suitors would lose their interest in the controversial actress, Amber Heard.

But, apparently, that does seem to be the case at all as it has made her appear ..umm.. even more desirable to men and women, perhaps? Read more to know about Amber Heard dating history after her split from Johnny Depp.

Seeing that whether it happens to be the wealthiest man on earth, a famous actress or a renowned director, everyone seems to be drawn more towards her than ever.

Amber Heard Dating History After Her Divorce From Johnny Depp
Amber Heard Dating History After Her Divorce From Johnny Depp

Here are the A-listers she has been involved with after her split with Johnny Depp besides Bianca Butti:

Andrés Muschietti (2019)

Amber Heard had a short-lived romance with the director of the famous horror movie “IT” in 2019 before dating the cinematographer, but their relationship ended in the same year as soon as the public got wind of it.

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Vito Schnabel (2018)

Before getting involved with the IT director, Amber Heard dated the art dealer Vito Schnabel in May 2018 – though the pair parted ways after less than a year of dating that same year. The reason to call it quits was again “long distance,” as reported by US Weekly.

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Elon Musk (2016 – 2018):

One of the most notorious and scandalous relationships she has ever been in is said to be with none other than the richest man alive: Elon Musk.

They started going out in July 2016 after they were spotted together for the first time at the Delano South Beach in Miami, Florida.

According to what a source told PEOPLE,

“Elon [was] attracted to her edginess. She [was not] frightened about being different. She doesn’t get easily intimidated. She is very focused and loves to learn.”

But, apparently, it was just not enough for him as the two broke up less than a year of dating in the month of August 2017 because they both were “very busy with work now” and “it was getting hard to find time to see each other.”

Surprisingly enough, the multi-billionaire initiated the split as he was in “no position to be in a relationship right now and ended it.”

Though, they did find their way back to each other five months later but again called it off in February 2018 by deciding to be just friends.

It is also said that Amber Heard cheated on her then-husband, Johnny Depp, with Elon Musk.

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Cara Delevingne (2016)

There is a rumor that Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne dated each other back in 2016, right after Amber Heard’s divorce from Johnny Depp.

Not to mention the fact that the two have been photographed countless times since they were first linked while filming their 2018 film, London Fields – though none has confirmed this speculation.

Though there have been allegations that Amber Heard had an alleged threesome with Elon Musk and Cara Delevinge while she was still married to The Pirates of the Caribbean star.

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Who is Amber Heard’s Current Partner?

Currently, she is single and has no romantic partner with who she might be involved in 2022. Amber Heard prefers to spend time with her daughter for now, as that is what her main priority is. Hope you found your answer to the question “Is Amber Heard Dating Someone?”.

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